Are You Chasing An Aesthetic Body?

We exercise and we eat well with a specific aesthetic in mind for our bodies. We look at the current beauty trends and fitness trends of the day and, for the most part, we try to emulate the closest match to our ideal in our heads. It’s natural to do it, but the aesthetic of someone else’s body isn’t necessarily going to be the best shape for you. Some people are able to condition their bodies to look ripped, with very little body fat. The maintenance of this kind of physique, however, isn’t always achievable for others. It’s great for those on the body-building circuit, though!

There is a lot of emphasis online right now on strength and muscle size, as well as power. The problem is that when you’re going through the bulking phase and training hard, you forget to train for anything that isn’t performance. You want to get the right aesthetics for your body, but if you don’t train properly for them, you’re going to fail at it – sorry to be blunt! You need to eat right, exercise well and do all of that without damaging your muscles. Repair is key, and you need to have a lot of protein in your diet to achieve that. However, if you are craving that God-like physique and you want to have those rippling muscles, you need to think about training specifically for the aesthetics. So, if you want to go down that route, here are the steps you need to carve out that body you’ve always wanted.

Image Source: Pexels
  • Sets, Reps, Repeat. When you are bulking your body, you need to think about the number of sets and reps within each exercise. If you always keep to the same weight limit and the number of reps in each exercise, no changes will happen as your body will get used to the exercises. You want to decrease the weight and increase the reps as you go through a set and keep your body guessing a little. The comfort zone is where change ends, and you shouldn’t think lower weights are going to stop your gains; they’re going to help! You will build bigger muscles as a result, which is the combination you want.
  • Proportional Training. Do you want a set of huge arms? You’d then train your arms. But you wouldn’t train JUST your arms. You need to be proportional in your training for your body, and this will prevent you from having legs like toothpicks and arms like Schwarzenegger. You need to have symmetry in your body and in your training so that you can look your best and achieve the level of aesthetics that you want to achieve. Make sure that you are lifting with one arm or leg at a time and you can make yourself as proportional and equally strong as possible.
  • Definition. You want to reduce how much extra body fat you have when you are aiming for true aesthetics. A low body fat percentage has to be sustainable, and it’s going to help you to get those trim, defined lines around your muscles. You have to work on your conditioning to be able to get that definition you really want, and that means making sure that your rest intervals are only short ones. Limiting the amount of rest that you get will make a huge difference to your fitness and heart health. Your heart will beat quicker as you train, which is going to help you to burn more fat in the long-term. Cardio workouts are just as crucial as the strength workouts for your aesthetics. Get your doctor on board with your plan, too, as they will help you to keep your body fat low and your cardio health under a microscope.
  • Symmetry. That “V” line either side of your stomach? Well, that line is an essential to that body you want. You want to be taken notice of, and that’s how you achieve it. Wide back and broad shoulders against a tapered stomach and defined V-line will get you the competition wins, too. Workouts that work on your whole body will help, here, and you can achieve what you want to achieve.

Achieving the aesthetics you want to achieve takes time and discipline, but if you are willing to put both of those together, you’re going to be successful. Work hard, train hard and eat well – you’ll never regret the time you put into your own health. Sculpting the body you want is out there – grab it!

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