7 Phases any Software Project has to Undergo

Software development is a very complex process, and at the output customers (and developers as well) expect to get a fully workable project that operates smoothly and demand no further fixes. To ensure that a solution will be of high ...

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Is There Anything Software Can’t Do?!

Quite frankly, we’re pretty sure that there’s nothing that software can’t do. From the simple bits like Microsoft office that we all know and love to the complex software that some of the biggest companies out there are using. It’s ...

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Is Node.js killing PHP?

In a complex world of programming languages, it is often hard to understand what you really need. In fact, it may lead to holy wars around the question which one is the best. In this article, we are going to ...

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Citrix Monitoring: Why Does My Company Need It?

Are you trying to use a reliable software system to help keep your employees on board? Learn how Citrix Monitoring works. What is Citrix Monitoring? Citrix is a server virtualization software that provides a centralized place to host resources and ...

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Tracking Software for Better Logistics

  The number of vehicles in big cities is growing day by day, so it is not uncommon that many transportation companies are eager to improve their logistics to reduce costs. Such an approach is very effective for any companies, ...

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