It is one of the most popular video-sharing platforms that boost billions of users. However, like any other online service, as such there are no occasional errors. Despite this, one of the most frustrating errors encountered by users is “YouTube something went wrong“. Behind this error, there could be several reasons.

What is the “something went wrong “ error on YouTube?

It simple means that there is some glitch from YouTube’s end, or the other reason can be broken link for that particular video you are watching which means that the issue is from the website’s end .It an be harmful to the user experience, as it portrays your site in a negative light for google. 

What triggers the infamous something went wrong youtube error

  1. Poor internet connection 
  2. Outdated youtube app version
  3. Too many background apps running
  4. Corrupt app cache or data
  5. Youtube serve outages

11 ways to Fix something went wrong on you tube

  1. Reset setting on your phone 

settings> general management> rest? Reset network settings> reset settings

  1. Update your phone

settings> general (iphone)> software update> Install/download> Install (iphone)/ check for updates(android)

  1. Update the youtube mobile app

App store(iphone)/ google play store(android) and update your app

  1. Select airplane mode on your phone
  2. Allow cellular data & background app refresh for YouTube on your iphone.

Settings>cellular/mobile data>YouTube>Cellular data

Return to general page of settings and navigate to Background app refresh> Youtube> Background app refresh

  1. Clear your cache

On Iphone, simply uninstall and reinstall the app

On android, Settings>Apps>youtube>storage>clearcache

Settings>privacy and security>clear browsing data

  1. Use a different login method on all devices

You tube Web browser on your mobile phone, and try using Edge too for Youtube

  1. Allow cookies in your web browser

Site settings> cookies and data> allow all cookies>/ Customized behaviors,  and click ‘add’ next to sites that can always use cookies add www.youtube.com 

  1. Restart your device

Turning it off / Turning it back on clears temporary bugs and glitches. Turn off your iphone, ipad, android, or compute 

  1. Check YouTube’s status

Use third-party sites like downdetector.com to see if YouTube is working properly.

  1. Stop using VPN

A VPN, while protecting your privacy, can also cause issues with YouTube playing properly. Turn it off and try using YouTube again.

For checking browser settings

  • In the case of Safari, with the browser open, click on the Safari option on the top Menu bar and then click on Safari, then Settings, and finally Privacy. Next, click on Manage Website Data.
  • As for Firefox, click on the hamburger menu icon and click on Settings, followed by the Privacy and Security option with a lock icon, and you’ll see the option to clear cookies and other data.
  • On Android, you can wipe the browser app’s cache or data to see if it does the trick.
  • On iOS, uninstalling and reinstalling the app might work.


Dealing with ambiguous error messages like “Oops something went wrong please try again” makes troubleshooting frustrating. However, 9 out of 10 times, this is due to unstable connections or app crashes that can be easily fixed through some simple reboots, updates, or reinstallation on your end. But on the rare occasion that YouTube’s servers go down (which you can validate on Downdetector), then it’s a waiting game. Regardless, we hope our guide gives you a handy troubleshooting checklist to resolve pesky YouTube errors and get back to binge-watching videos seamlessly.


Why does my YouTube keep saying something went wrong?

The ‘Something went wrong’ error in YouTube can come up due to connectivity issues, browser bugs, server glitches, outdated apps, and device incompatibility.

Why does YouTube keep saying there was a problem?

If YouTube faces any server issue, app glitch, or the internet is not working, it will keep saying there is a problem.

Why is YouTube not working on my  iPhone?

The possible reasons behind YouTube not working on your  iPhone can be iOS server glitches, insufficient device storage, app bugs, an unstable network, or a faulty app cache.

How do I clear my YouTube cache on my iPhone?

You can clear your YouTube cache on an iPhone by simply deleting the YouTube app and then reinstalling it again. This way, your storage and cache data will be cleared automatically.

How do I reboot YouTube?

YouTube Reboot can be done in different ways, like reinstalling the app, deleting YouTube’s search and watch history, and even rebooting the device.

 What exactly is an oops error?

It indicates the client isn’t getting any response from the server, which might happen if the request doesn’t make it to the client or the server.

Why does YouTube keep freezing or crashing?

It could be because:

  • The YouTube app or browser in which you are running YouTube is not up to date.
  • You are running a beta OS software on your device.
  • Some of the browser or device settings are not compatible with YouTube.
  • It could be some incompatible app or browser extension too.

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