The Best Camera Phones for 2020

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Those days are long gone when you used to have those petty sized bar phones. Mobile phones have seen the most promising developments over a few decades, and now it is time to introduce smartphones within your kitty. With high-end camera quality, crystal clear screen, best battery backup and high-end processor, choosing the best camera phones for 2020 can be a crucial task to consider. You have multiple options in-store and selecting anyone among the lot seems tough. Well, not anymore when you have this list just by your side as reference help.

The perfect Google Pixel 4

When Google Pixel hit the market first, everyone was going gaga over the model and for good reasons. It had given a tough competition to the best iPhones at that time. Google Pixel got the best reviews from satisfied customers and came up with Google Pixel 4 now for the market to enjoy.

  • This product is known for its class-leading night photography, which is really hard to beat. Not only is that, but Google Pixel 4 is also known for its richer picture quality as well. 
  • If you are looking for a smartphone with smarter exposure control, then you have probably come to the right place. Even though this phone is expensive but worth every single penny invested.
  • The fantastic camera quality will probably give the user DSLR feels. Thanks to its five long minutes of long exposing astrophotography mode, you can always enjoy the best picture to match your mood the most.
  • If you are trying to choose someone of a better deal, then Pixel 4 XL might have been the best choice for you to consider. Even though the major sensor remains at mere 12.2 MP, but it can easily grab some of the most balanced pictures all the time.

TCL 10 Pro

Another interesting phone for you to choose in this year 2020 has to be TCL 10 Pro. It uses GSM technology and was announced recently on April 6th, 2020. This phone is known for its 177g weight and Glass front and back, which will help to give that perfect shine you look for in a phone. Its 6.47 inches screen makes it easier to capture and view the pictures taken.

You can’t forget its 64Mp camera with 2160P, which provides pictures like never before. If that wasn’t enough, this phone is also known for its 6GB RAM and with Snapdragon of 675. It has an awesome battery life of 4500 mAh. Available in two different colours, it comprises of the fingerprint sensor, with gyro, accelerometer, proximity and compass.

iPhone 11 Pro

When you are talking about the best camera phones of 2020, the iPhone won’t lag behind, don’t you think! This phone was actually released for the best point and shoot camera feature, which is a characteristic of iPhone 11 Pro. This product is known for its amazing night mode and versatile triple camera. To top it all, it has consistent colours all across the camera. Yes, the item is expensive, but the details are to die for!

The primary camera comprises of 26mm focal length, which is just amazing for grabbing daily snaps. Moreover, it has ultra-wide cameras, which will take one step back, just to help them get most into the frame with 13mm focal length. When it comes to the telephoto camera, just like iPhone XS, it can easily zoom right into a subject with a focal length of 52mm.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra:

Just like the iPhone, another smartphone brand, you need to watch out for is Samsung. And when the main concern is with camera quality, then Samsung Galaxy S129 Ultra seems to be a perfect choice for most of the people. Within an ultimate price, this phone is one that you need to be associated with, right from the start. 

  • For all the specifications, which are making it hot in 2020, this phone has it all. 
  • It comprises of 5 x optical zoom, along with 100x digital Space zoom.
  • Moreover, the big 6.9inch display is what you cannot take your eyes from.

Apart from these options, some of the other best camera phones, which have made a blast in 2020 are OnePlus 8 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus, and so many more. Go through all before making one final call. 

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