Can You Charge A Phone With A Laptop Charger?


Imagine you’re running late for an important meeting, this presentation could make or break your day today. All your important documents are stored in your phone, you just need to sync it with your laptop at the office. Hold on though. Did you check your phone? Yep, you once again forgot to switch on the plug when putting your phone for charge last night. And now you don’t have the charger OR a power bank. You’d think you’re doomed.

In situations like this, you’d think what you can do, but have you ever wondered-

Can I charge my phone with a laptop charger? Well, the short answer is yes, you can. To know how you can do it though, keep reading.

The Mechanism Of Charging A Phone

Before we dive into answering whether one can charge a phone with a laptop charger, you should understand how a phone is charged. The process of charging a laptop and a phone is very different. It is common knowledge that there are two components used to charge a phone – an adapter and a USB cable. The USB cable depends on the type of phone you use. Nowadays, most Android mobile phones come with the C-type cable, and if you have an iOS then lightning cable it is.

Now, the power adapter is the main tool in charging a phone. An adapter converts the house current that comes from your plug socket to a suitable voltage for your mobile. The USB cable is simply the connector between your phone and the adapter.  Now you may be wondering can I charge my phone with a laptop charger since a laptop probably doesn’t have the same feature. Well, let’s find out.

Differences Between Laptop Charger And Phone Charger

Yes, this is a fact that phone chargers and laptop chargers are different. As in, the voltage and current passing and required to charge both of these devices are different. A laptop being a larger device, definitely needs more voltage and has power to sustain for longer hours of work on standby.

A standard phone charger is usually operating on the maximum voltage of 5V. The current runs at a measure of 1-2A (Amperes). In contrast, a laptop charger definitely has a higher voltage power, typically somewhere between 19-20V. The current range is also higher going from 3A to 5A.

Is It Okay If I Charge My Phone With Laptop Charger?

Since the charge surge is much more in a laptop, charging your phone with a laptop charger is not ideal all the time. In the long run this affects your phone’s battery health and longevity. But in cases of emergency, charging your phone with a laptop charger on occasion is fine.

Compatibility of USB-C Laptop Chargers With Phone

If you have a C-type Laptop charger then half of your problems are almost solved. You just need to check the compatibility of your laptop charger with your mobile phone. Yes, while this is true that a USB-C cable is a universal connector one needs to remember that laptop power adapters are not universal.

Power Adapters for laptops also depend on the laptop model. For example, Gaming Laptops have a higher power laptop charger to make sure you can play games on your laptop at power standby mode for a longer period of time. With that being said, usually many USB-C Laptop Chargers can and do have the capability of charging your phone.

Generally, USB-C chargers have a Power Delivery (PD) feature. This allows for fast charging and ensures that there is even and efficient distribution of power. PD technology thus helps to ensure that there is optimal power delivery to the device connected to it. So, you have an ensured and safe reliable charging process. Hence, in most cases, the power delivery system makes it safe for you to charge your phone with a laptop charger.

Is My Laptop Charger PD Enabled?

The Power Delivery feature makes it safe for you to charge your phone with a Laptop Charger. Hence, it is very important on your end to make sure that your laptop charger is equipped with the PD feature.

How will you know if your laptop has the PD feature? Look for the PD symbol on your charger. If you can’t find the PD symbol, look for the power output specifications on your laptop charger. Once you are sure that your laptop charger is compatible with your phone, you can go ahead and put your device in to replenish its battery.

Can I Charge My Phone With A USB Cable and Laptop?

If your laptop doesn’t have the option of attaching a USB-C connector to it, then what else are your options? Well, you could just connect your USB cable to the port provided in your laptop, to use your laptop as the charger for your phone itself!

Just make sure that your Laptop has a USB-A port, insert the USB-B end of the connector to your Laptop and the other end which could be either a micro USB, USB-C or lightning connector to your phone’s port.

Once connected, turn your laptop on and ensure that your phone is charging while your laptop runs. This method does not ensure quick and powerful charging, but it will definitely give your phone a boost to sustain for a few extra hours.

What Are The Benefits Of Charging My Phone With My Laptop Charger?

When you think “Can I charge my phone with my laptop charger?”, the immediate thought that follows after it is, “Will this harm my phone?”

However, charging your phone with a USB-C laptop charger does offer multiple benefits. For starters, it eliminates the bulk of carrying multiple chargers or power devices. You could use one power adapter to charge your phone and laptop. You no longer need a laptop charger, a mobile charger, a powerbank for backup. This is especially convenient for frequent travelers, especially hikers and remote travelers who want to lighten up the burden on their bags.

Another perk of using a USB-C laptop charger for your phone? The fast charging. Instead of investing in an additional fast charging power adapter for your phone, just check your laptop charger. If it has the PD technology, it will provide fast charging for your phone with optimal safety. So? You save time and money all with one device!

What Are The Drawbacks Of Charging My Phone With My Laptop Charger?

There are certain drawbacks that come with charging your phone with a USB-C Laptop Charger. One of them is the fact there is definitely a power limitation to your laptop charger. If the USB-C laptop charger is incapable of delivering higher power outputs, it may result in slow charging of your phone. In some cases, your phone may not charge at all.


In Conclusion, in a tough fix where you really need to replenish the battery of your phone, use your laptop charger. You’d never know when you need your phone the most, you work on it the most, stay connected and is also a tool for safety. Hence, always ensure to keep your phone charged. Keep your laptop charger handy with you, or any other form of powering device for that matter.

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