LG G4: why is it going to be the new competitor to Samsung and Apple?

Although it seems as though Samsung and Apple has got the market covered for smartphone, new phones are now giving a tough time to Samsung an apple. Such a phone is the new LG g4. Launched in April, 2015, The LG G4 has features which perform better than Samsung’s all new s6 edges and also apple’s iPhone 6. Let’s discuss some of the important features that put LG g4 ahead of Samsung and apple.

LG G4 phone

You may think that when it comes to camera, the iPhone 6 plus is unbeatable. But guess what, the g4 from LG has an even better camera than the iPhone. The G4’s camera comes with a 16 MP f/1.8 aperture. The quality of images taken in daylight as well as low light is better in comparison than Apple and Samsung. There is a little improvement needed in the front camera, but the back camera is perfect.


Where size is considered, the G4 version of LG is widest and tallest. The size is not too big that you cannot hold it, nor too small. Just the perfect. With a dimension of 5.86×3.0x.39, the G4 leads this area too.
The weight of the device is where the G4 is behind Apple and Samsung. With the total weight of 5.4 ounces, it is the heaviest phone in comparison to IPhone 6 and Samsung s6 plus.

Storage and other specification

While iPhone comes with 16/64 and 128 GB storage options, the Samsung s6 has 32/64 and 128 GB storage options but the G4 comes with a single option of 32 GM storage memory. But unlike iPhone 6 and Samsung s6, LG g4 provides additional 128 GB option.

The LG g4 leads the race in respect to battery too. It gives a 3000mAh battery while the iPhone comes with 2915mAh and the Samsung s6 with just 2550mAh.

The LG g4 runs on the snapdragon 808 processor, while the s6 goes with the octa-core Exynos CPU and the apple iPhone 6s are packed with a8 processor.


The iPhone’s screen size is of 4.7” having a display technology that uses retina HD IPS facility. The Samsung s6 has a 5.1” display made of QHD AMOLED technique, while the g4 has the facility of the biggest and sharpest display of 5.5” with HD quality.
The pixel count for S6 has been 557 ppi where as the G4 has the count of 534 ppi while the iphone 6 has the count of 326ppi.


LG g4 with all its features is still cheaper than IPhone 6 and Samsung s6. The iPhone 6 plus price ranges from $649 to $849 while the S6 is from $599 to $799 but price of the G4 is just $200.
Concluding, in this race of the best smartphone, LG g4 is a strong competitor. Although most people still want to buy a Samsung or Apple, G4 has also started capturing the market. Overall, with the launch of LG g4, LG has sure managed to make all our lives better.

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