Your Health To-Go! The Top 6 Healthcare Apps That Will Benefit Hospitals, Doctors, and Patients

Today, the best healthcare app can benefit doctors, hospitals, and patients. But which is the best? Here are the top 6 healthcare apps to download.

Most people today manage their lives with apps, and the healthcare field is no exception. A good healthcare app can simplify organization and health management. This is essential for hospitals, doctors, and patients. 

Healthcare apps can save time, keep you informed, and streamline your schedule. Because they’re on a smartphone, these mobile healthcare applications are always available.

To learn more about the best healthcare apps, check out this great list.

What is a Healthcare App?

Healthcare apps are mobile applications intended for use by providers and patients. Some of these apps serve as medical resources. Others allow patients access to their records.

There are also apps that focus on communication and convenience. This allows patients to interact directly with providers. They can schedule appointments, give updates, ask questions, and pay for services.

Keeping track benefits everyone involved, including patients, physicians, and office personnel. They’re also helpful for students, including:

  • Medical students
  • Billing and coding students, such as those enrolled in Ultimate Medical Academy programs
  • Other students, including those studying nursing, pharmacology, radiology, and laboratory technology

Healthcare apps are convenient and thorough. With mobile apps, both patients and physicians have a wealth of knowledge on hand at all times. Apps put technology to work to advance healthcare management.

  1. UpToDate

UpToDate is a great way to stay informed about medical news and advancements. Its vast database is an invaluable resource for medical professionals and students alike. 

This app offers an entire section devoted to medical headlines and relevant news. You can also search for information and articles on specific medical topics. A convenient bookmarking feature allows you to save or email any page in case you need to review it in the future. 

There’s often a need in a clinical setting to get accurate answers quickly. This app has an extensive database of information for answers to critical questions.

UpToDate also offers demonstration videos on various medical procedures. Physicians and other healthcare professionals can use these as a refresher. They may also use them as a source for better ideas.

UpToDate is free to install but requires a subscription for database access.

  1. MyChart

MyChart is a healthcare app that is patient-centered. It’s built for convenience and functionality.

The app allows patients to access their medical records from their phone whenever they need to do so. This is important, as it bridges the communication gap between providers and patients.

MyChart lets you quickly view:

  • Vaccination records
  • Previous doctor appointments
  • Prescriptions
  • Test results
  • Diagnosed health conditions

MyChart also allows patients to upload data from wearable health devices. This information is helpful for physicians who need to monitor certain conditions.

MyChart isn’t just a record database. It provides a way for patients to schedule and confirm appointments. They can also directly message clinics. Patients can also pay their medical bills and request prescription refills through MyChart. This healthcare app can also be accessed online if necessary.

  1. Micromedex

Micromedex is a pharmaceutical reference application that provides accurate, up-to-date information on drugs. It’s incredibly helpful to healthcare providers. It ensures that drugs are used correctly and in the right amounts.

Physicians often need to make critical decisions quickly. They must choose the most beneficial and least dangerous drug for patients. Micromedex provides quality, evidence-based drug information to providers when they need it.

Micromedex is comprehensive. It covers: 

The layout is thorough, yet simple. It can be used by healthcare professionals and patients alike. 

  1. PatientKeeper

PatientKeeper was developed to streamline physician workflow. It keeps caring consistent and cohesive across all hospital and clinical departments.

This hospital app allows healthcare providers to order medical services hospital-wide. These include tests, scans, prescriptions, procedures, and medications.

PatientKeeper allows for medication and procedure cataloging for each patient. This ensures that each new provider isn’t required to start from scratch. Physicians can save time by indicating repeated procedures and medications for certain patients.

This app is great for hospitals. It eliminates the need for confusing telephone orders. It also tracks:

  • Allergies
  • Test results
  • Vital signs

PatientKeeper also manages other important data for patients. This boosts efficiency within the organization.

  1. AirStrip

The AirStrip is another excellent mobile healthcare app that facilitates coordination of care. The app can be used between multiple electronic devices. It is also used across many healthcare settings.

AirStrip organizes a huge amount of relevant data into one platform. This helps care coordination run more smoothly.

AirStrip allows for health records to be viewed by all care providers. It facilitates information exchange between providers. Information for a patient can be accessed and shared among:

  • Various clinics
  • Care centers
  • Hospitals
  • Other healthcare organizations

Additionally, AirStrip also allows for medical device information viewing and monitoring. 

  1. Medscape

Medscape is a jack-of-all-trades reference app for healthcare providers. It allows them to stay on top of all the latest news in medicine. It also provides:

  • Extensive drug information
  • Continuing education opportunities
  • Accurate clinical information
  • Helpful medical calculators

These resources can help providers make better decisions for patient care.

Medscape’s drug database is impressive. It provides all relevant drug information. This includes safety, dosage, interactions, and side effects. It also offers a tool to identify pills visually.

Medscape also offers:

  • Educational pictures, videos and directives for procedures
  • An extensive disease/condition database
  • Access to select medical journals
  • Physician and pharmacy directory
  • Medical news
  • Dosing calculators

This one-stop reference is continually updated for physician convenience and patient safety. Medscape offers these services for free, making it a must-have healthcare app.

Healthcare Apps for Better Patient Care

Healthcare apps simplify matters for both the provider and the patient. They’re great for keeping a large amount of important information in one place.

These apps ensure consistently, informed care. Whether you’re the patient or the physician, you can find a healthcare app that works for your needs.

Science and technology developments are evolving rapidly, improving lives and revolutionizing patient care. For more great information on technology and data management, please explore our articles.


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