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As every tech junkie knows, the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show is right around the corner and the rumors about what will be unveiled there are reaching a fever pitch. Some of the most buzz is around companies Samsung, Sony, and, oddly enough, ADT home security.

The home security giant is slated to have its booth set up for the second year in a row, and it has many regular CES attendees questioning what exactly the security company is planning. Last year, they unveiled their plans for a state of the art home automation system that allowed homeowners to remotely control almost every aspect of their home, from their locks to the lights, and even the temperature, which is excellent for increased energy efficiency. ADT even teamed up with

Samsung to create a Samsung Smart TV app that would allow customers to control their home through the television. This year, the company is in for some competition in its home automation section as others attempt to enter the market. Home improvement rivals Lowe’s and Home Depot both are said to be showing off their home automation wares at the show, in what will surely become a heavily competitive market as home automation becomes increasingly affordable.

Aside from home automation, regulars are buzzing about what Samsung and Sony will be showing this year. One of the current big players in the mobile phone market, Samsung, is rumored to be showing two much anticipated phones: the Galaxy Round and the Galaxy S5. The S5 is said to have a 64-bit chip, a 16 MP camera, an all metal body that is blasted with carbon to create a diamond-like coat, a 2K display, and an iris scanner. The Galaxy Round is believed to only be a prototype at this point, but the exciting part is that it is curved.

Samsung Galaxy s5

Samsung Galaxy s5 (Credit: gadgets.ndtv.com)

Samsung Galaxy ROUND: First Impressions by SoldierKnowsBest

Bending isn’t limited to phones at CES 2014, either. It’s been said that both Samsung and LG are chomping at the bit to use OLED TV technology to release flexible, bending televisions. If the reports are true it could be a showdown at CES 2014 as to whose comes out on top. It’s no secret that Sony wants to get back to their previous standings in the television business, and it’s believed they’ll try to gain back their market share by creating better, and cheaper, 4K Ultra HD televisions. Whether they have actually been able to bring the cost down on the new technology remains to be seen, but it’s a hot market and all the major companies are looking to be the first to create an inexpensive, sellable product.

Battle of the curved OLED TVs

The other big section this year is health technology. For the first time in CES history, health technology is going to have its own section. The show has partnered with Living in Digital Times to create a health care Tech Zone. It’s a move that makes sense, since the baby boomers in the workforce are reaching an older age, and will be more actively looking for ways to improve their well being. Also, as anyone in the business of health and fitness knows, weight loss is a massive market with billions of dollars available for whomever is able to make a name for themselves. It’s likely we should anticipate a large amount of new exercise technology in this section. One majorly discussed addition will be wearable tech, like smart watches and activity trackers. While these watches will be useful for connecting to your phone, and notifying you of alerts, alarms, messages, and more, they will also be integral in tracking health and movement.


Curved OLED TV Display


Of course, no Consumer Electronics Show would be complete without the unveiling of new cars. It’s been said that Lexus and Audi have already announced autonomous vehicles that will not only be able to completely drive themselves, but will also be able to drop every passenger off before finding a parking spot on its own. The Tesla Model S, considered the luxury car of electric cars, will also be arriving with a similar “Autopilot” technology, which would be able to recognize people and objects around the car, avoiding them on its own. Toyota will also be focusing in the electric car sector by displaying its Rav4 EV and it’s new Fuel Cell Vehicle Concept.

Car to Car Communication with Lexus

Every year at CES we’re amazed at technological strides companies’ most innovative minds have made possible, and it seems this year will prove to be no exception. What is especially great about this year’s CES is the inclusion of new markets, the wide applications of home automation for so many purposes, and new vendors, such as the health vendors, which will truly make it a show that can be interesting to all. In the future, we can hope to see further inclusiveness in order to help make CES even better.

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