An online game based learning platform to motivate and engage students in learning activities through games and quiz which involves a competitive element where students compete against each other or individually. Founded in 2012, kahoot platform has 8.6 millions educators globally. 

Kahoot supported young learners and families globally, a playful experience for early childhood learning with 8 different languages . It has a user-friendly interface and realtime results which allow educators to assess student understanding during the lesson. The platform also allows teachers to view game reports and assess learning progress of their classes. Kahoot! offers a host of applications that assist with homeschooling, such as Poio, Numbers, Big Numbers, Algebra 5+, Algebra 12+, Elements, and Magnus Kingdom of Chess. 

Kahoot academy

A knowledge platform, online community and a marketplace that lets you access high quality learning content. A global community to connect with millions, and join communities based on interests, professions and focus areas. You can also grow your brand, broadcast your social media channel .Follow and stay up-to-date with content and creators and publishers like star wars, Minecraft, National Geographic, microsoft and more. 

How is kahoot different?

By giving honest feedback on each question involves individual motivation. Shuffling of questions is not possible, so the students have to answer the questions systematically. Kahoot assigns the marks on the basis of speed and accuracy which motivate students to use their brain at a fast speed. Also another amazing feature of kahoot is , it hosts live sessions in a class with every student with their own device.

How to create a Kahoot game?

  1. Go to kahoot.com , and log in or sign up
  2. At the top right corner, you will see a create  button. Click on that
  3. You will see four options: Quiz, Jumble, Discussion, Survey
  4. In quiz: Fill in the details and setting for the kahoot
  5. After that you can import questions from a spreadsheet.
  6. Download template and create your kahoot. Save it as .xlsx and upload it.
  7. Set up questions and answers, and mark one correct answer.
  8. Save and publish.

How to create a Kahoot account?

  1. Go to kahoot.com and click Sign up. Choose Teacher as your account type.
  2. Specify whether you work in a school, a higher education institution, or in school administration.
  3. If you’d like to sign up with an email, type your email address and a secure password you’d like to use. 
  4. Choose a plan: you can use Kahoot! for free, or upgrade to one of our premium plans to unlock additional features. You can decide to upgrade at any time!
  5. Fill out some additional information in the welcome screen so we can better customize the Kahoot! experience for you.
  6. You’re a registered Kahoot! user! Shortly, you’ll receive a welcome email with some tips to get started.

How to play your first Kahoot

  1. Open and click play and choose teach
  2. Choose whether students play individually (classic mode) or in Team mode
  3. Now you can see questions and answers on your device
  4. A unique game pin will be displayed at the top of the screen, you have to enter this PIN to join live kahoot
  5. Now click start after seeing the platters in the lobby
  6. After the kahoot, you can always find and assess results in the reports section.

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How to log in to kahoot?

  1. Go directly to kahoot login page or click login in the top right corner of kahoot.com page
  2. Insert username and password
  3. Click Login in

How is kahoot emerging in the market?

Continuous investment in research and development related to the brand and dedication of time by product engineers and designers over a period have helped kahoot make a place in the market. By focusing mainly on audience engagement and targeting educators and learners, this platform has provided holistic solutions for corporate learning, employee engagement and communication . It includes Quizizz, Blooket, Gymkit, Quizlet, Formative, Mentimeter, Plickers. It also keeps a strong focus on students’ understanding by using the analytics of results to see where students are lacking and struggling.Kahoot offers various videos related to the questions which further excites students to deep dive into the game and also gain extra knowledge. Surprisingly it has a ghost mode which allows students to progress against their previous high score which helps them to improve .

Outstanding things Kahoot offers:

Introduce new topics

Review content at class and home

Engage students via distance learning

Run formative assessment

Teach interactive lessons

Collect students opinions

Creativity and teamwork


Overall, users find the platform engaging and user-friendly, praising its ability to enhance learning and promote active participation. They appreciate the diverse range of games, quizzes, and interactive elements that cater to various learning styles and preferences. However, some users have expressed concerns regarding occasional technical glitches, limited customization options, and the need for more comprehensive reporting and analytics features. Additionally, pricing plans have been a point of discussion, with some users suggesting more flexible options to accommodate different budgets and usage scenarios.


  1. What languages does Kahoot support?

Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish

  1. Does Kahoot support mobile devices?

Android, iPad, iPhone

  1. What other apps does Kahoot integrate with?

Microsoft PowerPoint, Zoom , Microsoft Teams

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