How to Secure your E-mail Address with EPRIVO

Every day we are uploading a million bytes of data online, including our private pictures and send essential messages without thinking twice. But do you know who is reading those messages or accessing your photographs? Most of us don’t even see the security and privacy threats we are facing with one click of an email. Email is the most used business communication, and if the email is not secure, it can seriously hamper the growth of the business.

Cyber Attackers are getting better and better day by day, and in this incredibly dynamic world of privacy invasion, EPRIVO can protect us and act as a shield. If the email service is unreliable, anybody, whether rival of business, hackers, or anybody, can enter into your email and misuse your information in any way possible.

What is EPRIVO?

EPRIVO is an email security service developed by BlueRISC Inc., a leading cyber-security firm, that provides private email account solutions to protect your online privacy. EPRIVO is not an email provider like Gmail and yahoo; instead, it is a security provider who can encrypt and authenticate emails and have industry-unique security features.

These features include setting access permissions on every email and working to secure emails such that as a sender, one can remain in control of every email sent in both the cloud and in recipients’ devices. So, the service is much more than simple encryption of emails.

It also works well with your existing email clients. It also has a sophisticated application on iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS well. Although EPRIVO is a paid service, as of today, you can avail of a free three-month trial without the need for entering a credit card. If you are a veteran or in fact, send out 10 emails during trial to non-EPRIVO users EPRIVO voids payment as well. So, in essence, by using the app, one can maintain a free private email account.

What does it offer?

EPRIVO has an extensive list of security features, and the list is still growing as new versions are forthcoming that will support all our emails as private and add private collaboration features. A company version is also expected.

EPRIVO also has a unique way to secure your email account, which makes it so reliable if one cares about securing its communications. Clearly, email is a more formal means of communication, and often content shared is much more sensitive than when using text messaging services.

So, here are some of the essential core features of EPRIVO email security provider:

●    Sender-based control: Unlike other brands, EPRIVO doesn’t support receiver-based control and offers sender-based control. Sender-based restrictions mean the sender has full control of the permitted actions or a person who can have access to the mail even after the mail is sent.

The receiver cannot forward the sent mail, and, if the mail is self-expiring, it expires automatically after some time. The sender can also make an email to be a one-time view, which means it will expire once it is viewed by the receiver.

●    Physical and Digitally Secure Email:  One of the main features of using EPRIVO is having the physical and digital security of your mails. EPRIVO uniquely offers physical protection of emails where no provider can enter into your mails, whether digitally or physically, as its algorithms ensure that content is not available fully to any provider even in encrypted form.

●    Encryption: Like you can encrypt your WhatsApp messages, you can also encrypt your emails now transparently. It means even if there is a slight chance hackers breaches security and access the mails, hackers won’t be able to understand it. EPRIVO does not store emails.

●    Past Emails: EPRIVO can not only privatize your future emails but even past emails as well, which were existing before you started using EPRIVO. EPRIVO can privatize emails from any email account.

●    Permanent deleting of mails:  With the help of EPRIVO, it is now possible that you can permanently delete your mails with one simple operation – from your account, receivers account, and all cloud servers as well. Unlike WhatsApp, a receiver is not notified that the sender has deleted the mail. The mail vanishes like the sender did not send it at all in the first place. And if you want to automate this process, you can set an expiration time when you are sending your mail.

●    Privatizing your email address: EPRIVO also has an option where you can make your email address private or invisible to the recipient. When you click on “Private FROM address once the email is read” and send the mail, your email address will not be visible to the parties who will view this mail outside the EPRIVO app itself.

●    Two-Factor Authentication: EPRIVO also offers two- factor authentication by which you can set your biometrics as an addition to your email id password. Email providers don’t serve this feature, which means anybody who has access to your phone can access your emails and misuse it. But with two-factor authentication, it makes it difficult to enter in the EPRIVO app and access your mails.

●    Send SMS to notify recipient: There is another excellent feature that sends SMS to inform the recipient about private email who is not using this service.

●    Send Voice Notes: Most of the email security solutions are not able to privatize voice notes, which we send through mails. But, with the advanced technology of EPRIVO, you can also privatize your voice notes through EPRIVO and choose to send or respond with either voice or text.

●      Send encrypted email to non-EPRIVO users. EPRIVO supports emails to be read at a portal and decrypted in the browser to enable sending confidential emails to anyone without an EPRIVO subscription.

EPRIVO subscription plans

Now that you know what you are getting, let’s see what it cost to get all these features.There is a three-month free trial, and no credit card is required to start it. And if you are a US veteran, send emails to non-EPRIVO recipients, beta tester or contributor to blogs, the social presence, you can get a free account.

●    Individual Plus – ($11.99/year) You will get most of the features with this plan, but you would miss out on options for complimentary invitations and privatize metadata.

●    Family Plus – ($17.99/year) This plan also doesn’t help complimentary invitations and privatize metadata, but unlike individual accounts, it supports five members in a family.

●    Celebrity Gold – ($35.99/year) This plan includes all the features available with EPRIVO, but only a single user is allowed.

●    Celebrity Premium – ($89.99/year) Similar to the celebrity gold plan, this plan also supports all the features except it is made for 5 users.

Complimentary invitations are a one-year subscription for recipients who do not use EPRIVO. And privatize metadata feature lets you remove metadata containing information about the sender and receiver from email headers in the cloud after you read the private mail at least once.


EPRIVO is an essential tool when it comes to email security and privacy. You can easily use this application/service and have a secured email account, based on email addresses you already possess. Your data is not only important to you but all the lives connected to you.

EPRIVO offers some unique features like sender-controlled privacy, voice notes, encryption, SMS notification, physical security, etc., that no security provider provides. EPRIVO is also unique to offer the software on all major platforms.

The cost justifies millions of earnings big organizations can save by saving their data from getting leaked, and the value of personal data is just invaluable. And, if you need any assurance before purchasing, you can do this without any worry: go for the three-month trial and save your data.

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