Meet Raven: The World’s First Connect Car System

What is Raven?

A smart expedient that gets connected to your vehicle’s onboard diagnostics (OBD) connector and allows entrée to the sensors, cameras, diagnostics, data and the navigation system, is the premium car connector device called Raven. It always stays connected to your vehicle since it functions through the cell connection of LTE. 

When you own a car, the only type of technology you will ever need is that of Raven. All these premium features and sleek structure is power-packed into one single device. Be it, accessing the live footage of what is happening inside the cabin of your car or recording the HD videos from inside or around your vehicle, Raven is your companion and your car’s too. Any mishap occurring inside or around your car is now not a matter of tension for you since Raven will alert you of any movement through the phone application on your cellular device. 

Whether the car is being broken into, towed or if it is even slightly bumped by another vehicle, all alerts reach you in real-time implying maximum security for you and your precious vehicle. If your vehicle is being driven by someone else, you are able to well monitor the live events like the speeding of the car, any accident which may have occurred and the peripheral driving behavior, with immediate alerts and notifications. Raven helps you to understand what is wrong with the vehicle in case it breaks down or doesn’t start or any other problem for that matter. It uses its inbuilt diagnostics forum to recognize the fault codes within the car to intimate you of what the real issue may be. 

With the premium feature of ‘next turn navigation’, you are sure to reach your destination much faster since you know what to expect of the route. Passengers sitting in your car will want to always sit in it, all thanks to the entertainment system provided by Raven which has the ability to provide Wi-Fi and hotspot for media streaming. Isn’t this all what you need in a car? Raven is what we call a state-of-the-art connected car system. 


This Raven front and rear dash cam has a sleek and all black colored structure that is connected to the OBD system in your vehicle using one solitary cable connection. The front side of the device witnesses a display screen and a camera viewing the cabin, that is concealed behind the clear exterior. 

On the rear end of the device, there is another camera that faces outwards. On the bottom side of the pedestal, is a double-sided tape that makes sure that the device is stuck strongly to the dashboard or on the windshield. 

Under the device (i.e. the bottom side), is presents a modifiable and regulatory stand; a slot for a micro SD card used for recording purposes; a port for the micro USB which holds a direct connection and has the capability for downloading media straight from the SD card. This can all be done without removing it from the device itself. 


  1. Hotspot and Wi-Fi
  2. Live to stream and live preview of the cabin and the dashboard from your cellular device
  3. Settings which allow speed alert
  4. Anticipatory navigation which allows the driver to know the route hence 
  5. Smart and interactive hand gestures which can trigger video recording on the spot
  6. GPS location which is available 24/7 and in real time with no lapse 
  7. Ease of access and utility for downloading media and sharing media 
  8. Easy receiving of notifications and alerts 
  9. The accessibility to aboard diagnostics and the information and data about the performance of the vehicle 
  10. Alerts of the further route and the notifications about the course 
  11. Navigation via the app itself 


Price – $299 for 3 months of the basic Raven Subscription

Dimensions – 197 x 27.9 x 51 mm (7.75 x 1.1 x 2 inches)

Processor – Qualcomm Snapdragon Version 650

Storage – 16 GB storage with expanded microSD memory of up to 256 GB

Display – Two LCD screens of dimensions 32 x 320

Cameras – the camera which faces the road has a 140-degree rotation and the one facing the cabin has a 130-degree rotation. Both cameras have 1080 p ability with the night infrared vision technology.

The Goods

The design is very simple and handy. It is easy to use and easy to understand even for someone who is new to the technology. It does not obstruct the user in the way of functionality. 

It is designed well in order for the user to navigate through, which is unlike many other navigation software and devices. It is smart in terms of giving real time indicators of the remaining fuel, the speed of the car and the altitude the car is driving in. 


The installation of Raven is as easy as it gets. Just download the Raven app from the Play Store or the App Store for free. Plug it into the OBD port for the purpose of powering the device up and to obtain the data of the vehicle. Next, you need to mount the device onto the dashboard or the windscreen. Voila! You are ready to go. Raven is now in power and will always stay connected. 

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