How To Cut The Costs Of A Vehicle Fleet

How To Cut The Costs Of A Vehicle Fleet

A fleet of vehicles can be expensive to manage. However, there are ways to reduce the costs. Below are just a few ways to cut the costs of managing a fleet of vehicles.

Buy Suitable Vehicles for Your Needs

First it’s important to consider the vehicles within your fleet. You can save money by buying smaller used vehicles, but these vehicles can come with drawbacks. A smaller vehicle could limit the loads you can carry, possibly requiring more vehicles to carry out jobs. An older vehicle is meanwhile likely to encounter wear and tear sooner – which could mean more repairs and expensive delays caused by breakdowns. Think carefully about your needs and buy vehicles that will meet these needs. In some cases, it’s better to invest extra money upfront into something practical and dependable,

Explore Fleet Insurance Deals

Individually insuring multiple vehicles can be expensive and difficult to manage. Fleet insurance allows you to insure all your vehicles under a single policy with a single payment each month. When taking out fleet insurance, it’s worth comparing the many different deals on the market. High deductible plans and insurance bundles (which may include other types of business insurance at a reduced price) are examples that can save you money.

Use Fleet Maintenance Software

Small fleet vehicle maintenance software can be used to track the location of vehicles and monitor their condition. Using this software, you could cut costs by making sure that drivers take economical routes and adopt fuel-efficient driving habits. You can also use this software to spot vehicle faults early and plan repairs before a breakdown occurs. There are many different fleet management software solutions to choose from. Take the time to compare pricing and make sure the software you choose contains all the features you need.

Invest in Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance can help reduce more costly repairs later down the line. It includes annually servicing vehicles, topping up fluids and investing in repairs early before they have a knock-on effect. Some fleet maintenance software can help you to carry out preventive maintenance by spotting mechanical issues using sensors. You can also set automated reminders to let you know when to service vehicles or check fluids.

Take Care of Your Drivers

A high turnover of drivers could cost you a lot of money in training and recruiting. This is why it’s important to take care of your drivers so that they stick around. Don’t work your drivers too hard and offer employee perks that can improve their everyday life such as paid vacation leave and discounts on local services. It’s also important to fight your drivers’ corner if they are involved in accidents that aren’t their fault and to listen to suggestions of ways to improve vehicles or routes.

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