5 Ways To Make Looking After A Fleet of Vehicles Easier

5 Ways To Make Looking After A Fleet of Vehicles Easier

Managing a fleet of vehicles isn’t easy. You need to keep your drivers satisfied and your vehicles maintained while also making sure jobs are carried out on time and costs are kept low. Below are just a few tips on how to make fleet management easier.

1. Make Use of Telematic Technology

Telematics can be used to remotely monitor all kinds of data regarding your vehicles in real time. GPS technology can be used to monitor vehicles’ location and routes, while other telematic technology can be used to monitor the speed and fuel efficiency of vehicles. You can even monitor the health of vehicles and react to mechanical problems early. Fleet management software can provide this telematic data. Such software is essential for those managing a fleet, giving you all the data you need in one place.

2. Take Advantage of Cost Bundle Deals

There are many bundle deals that can save you money on your fleet. This could include discounts when buying multiple vehicles at once, as well as fleet insurance bundles that allow you to insure all your vehicles under one policy. There are also leasing bundles that you can look into that allow you to lease multiple vehicles at a discounted rate. Take the time to explore these bundle deals when establishing your fleet.

3. Vet Your Drivers Carefully

Having drivers who you can trust is important. When hiring drivers, make sure to do thorough background checks. Make sure they have a clean driving record and check references to verify their driving experience. During an interview, ask questions to get an idea of how they would handle certain driving situations. You could even make them carry out an online test with various situational questions. A substance test could also be worth carrying out to make sure they are fit to drive. All of this could help you to hire drivers who are safe and reliable.

4. Set Driver Rules and Goals

Enforcing company policies for your drivers could help you to cut costs and improve safety. This could include requiring drivers to take certain economical routes or banning eating while driving. Telematic technology can help you to enforce these rules. On top of giving drivers rules to follow, consider also setting goals for your drivers. This could include trying to encourage drivers to reach a certain average MPG so that they are using less fuel.

5. Don’t Forget to Treat Your Drivers

The morale of your drivers is very important. It can affect how product and co-operative your drivers are.  Make sure that you are providing company perks and rewards to try to keep driver morale high. A good salary is the most basic way of rewarding your drivers, however you could also consider offering perks like paid time off and health insurance (which could include dental and eye cover). You could also offer bonuses to drivers who have worked at your company for a certain length of time or bonuses for gaining certain achievements like being the most economical driver.

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