Future Car Tech for Your Road Trip 2020

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Even though the year 2020 is only two years away, your road trip may end up being a very different experience indeed. The rate in which car tech is advancing is rapid, and there are new onboard features being introduced all the time. To get a full picture of this change, we are going to be discussing just a few of the features that you can expect your car to be equipped with over the coming months and years. It seems that the future is very much upon us.



Let’s start off with an obvious one – many of the features that cars will be fitted within the future are not going to be much good without WiFi. And while many new cars are being manufactured to include this instant internet connection, it is not the norm by any means. But WiDi enabled cars are one of the fastest spreading forms of this type of technology behind smartphones and tablets. It seems that soon everyone will be driving around with their very own mobile hotspot. File transfer between your devices should be more possible, and this could easily transform your working and entertainment options when you are heading out on your next big road trip.


Voice Recognition

It won’t be long until everyone is talking to their cars like David Hasselhoff from the classic TV show Knight Rider. And since texting and checking your smartphone is a fast-growing cause of accidents, it can only be a positive thing that there is a device out there which helps to keep your hands firmly on the wheel. At the moment, voice recognition is still very much in the novelty stages, but this is set to change in the future as the technology becomes more and more advanced and capable of understanding a range of different instructions.


Digital Dashboard

Dashboards which only display basic car information are quickly becoming a thing of the past. It is likely that the cars of 2020 will have a control system which more closely resembles a giant iPad. Potentially, it could then be linked to your other tech devices, which will allow you to perform a whole range of tasks while you are behind the wheel. Of course, there has to be a balance struck between allowing you to complete a range of tasks while also not impairing the concentration of the driver. There is even holographic technology which is being worked on to provide the passengers in the backseat with a wider range of entertainment options. This is sure to revolutionize those long car journeys where the kids are driving you crazy!


Car-to-Car Communication

Cars which can communicate better with each other are likely to be a lot safer as they can work together to prevent accidents and keep you safer behind the wheel. As well as warning drivers of potential hazards, they should be able to even take control when sudden braking is required. They may also be able to warn you of impending traffic jams and calculate alternative routes accordingly. Imagine not having to worry about getting stuck for hours on end in heavy traffic! There is also talk of cars which can communicate with other objects on the road such as traffic lights. Ultimately, this should all add up to a safer and more enjoyable driving experience.


Remote Control

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It may seem like something out of a James Bond movie, but the ability to control your car from afar could be coming in the near future. You could be able to find, unlock, and start your car remotely, as well as being able to turn on the air conditioning and get the temperature just the way you like it before getting behind the wheel. And if you car is trackable on a GPS system, you can prevent those long trips around the parking lot searching in vain for your lost vehicle!


Intuitive Safety Features

We have already covered these briefly, but we seem to be heading down a path of semi-autonomous driving in which your car takes action in protecting you from harm. Often a barrage of beeps and lights is not the ideal way of informing you that there is some sort of impending danger around you. For example, there are systems out there which can detect if you are drifting out of your lane, and will take control to right the problem and set you back on track again.

Parking assist is a feature which has been advertised for some time now and there is no doubt that this can help to prevent those annoying nicks, dents and scratches when you are squeezing into a tight space. Adaptive cruise control is another popular car addition which doesn’t just keep you running at the same speed the whole time, but instead monitors your distance from the car in front and makes adjustments accordingly. Though these features are very much in their infancy at the moment, it seems that we are only just scratching the surface of the possibilities that are in front of us.


Health Condition Monitors

Your health condition can make a big difference when it comes to how well you are able to drive your vehicle, and manufacturers are finding ways to make their cars smarter in this regard. The most obvious feature which is being pioneered at the moment is a drowsiness monitor which helps to alert you if your car senses that you are getting tired or in danger of dropping off. But there is evidence to suggest that your car could be able to monitor other aspects of your health such as your heart rate and body temperature to make suggestions which may be able to improve your overall driving experience.


Eco-Friendly Vehicles

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The environment is a major concern of car manufacturers, and more and more countries are making the commitment that all of their vehicles will either be hybrid or electric in the years to come. This means a major shift in the way that we refuel our vehicles, and also how we drive as a whole. Ultimately, this should mean much less of a reliance on traditional fueling systems and a more affordable driving experience for everyone.


Digital Goods

There is going to be a noticeable shift from hardware to software in cars in the future. And this means that cars should be more upgradeable in the future with less effort. Of course, there are plenty of simple upgrades that you can make yourself such as getting a Yankee Candle car air freshener. Just like with your smartphone, getting a car upgrade could end up being comparable to visiting an app store. All sorts of entertainment and utility apps could then start to become available to enhance your driving experience. It seems like we are only just starting to scratch the surface in terms of what may end up being possible in the future.

As you can see, your road trip in 2020 could end up being massively different to your road trip today. Ultimately, it looks set to be one which is much safer, with a wide range of entertainment options available. You should be able to build a closer relationship with your car that is based on it becoming smarter in understanding your needs and individual driving habits. Not only this, it should also be able to communicate with other vehicles and road features in a way which enhances your overall driving experience. On top of all this, the cars of the future should have the environment very much at the forefront which is a positive thing for all of us.

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