5 Tech Gadgets and Solutions That Make Driving Safer

In today’s world of constant gadgetry and technology, it can be all too easy to become distracted by screens and buttons. With more information and entertainment available at our fingertips than ever before, a seemingly limitless number of possibilities exist in daily life where it can be used for better or worse. However, technology can be a dangerous distraction regardless of content in situations such as the operation of motor vehicles.

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Distracted driving is a well-known topic, but many forget that technology and the gadgets it fuels can also be used to make driving safer. In the spirit of reducing auto accidents and improving performance while on the road, we’ll take a look at five tech gadgets and solutions that can help.

Rearview Dashcams

For drivers with older vehicles in particular, the natural inclusion of tech in the car may be minimal. That doesn’t mean that drivers have to sacrifice safety or convenience, however. One such example that can reduce the likelihood of an auto accident and improve visibility for drivers are rearview/backup dashcams.

There are several varieties of dashcams, including high-quality units that fully integrate with your vehicle, as well as options that replace your rearview mirror with an alternative. These rearview dashcams can be found for as little as $25, making it a sound investment that can help you avoid fender-benders and potential pedestrian accidents due to blind spots. 

Car Battery Boosters

Until very recently, a loose battery cable or bad battery could mean a huge inconvenience while on the road. In most situations, you’d need to either have or find somebody with battery cables who was willing to give your car a boost. Not only is this inconvenient, but it can be incredibly dangerous: vehicles on the side of the road are far more likely to encounter auto accidents involving other vehicles, endangering both your car and yourself.

Thankfully, efficient battery-powered car battery boosters can now be purchased and stored in the car at all times. These devices are generally light-weight, weighing no more than a couple of pounds. Many of these boosters can also power other electronic devices if necessary, charging them to usable levels. A variety of options exist, but many quality solutions can be found for $50-$100. 

Portable Tire Inflators

Modern technology has made it possible for your car to function as a power-house for just about any function. Historically, bulky air compressors needed both a ton of power and a ton of space, making it impractical for the vast majority of drivers to keep one in their cars. However, tech has allowed for lightweight, practical tire inflators that fit in the back of the trunk, feature digital readouts and LED lighting for night-time situations, and ensure you’re not in a dangerous position on the side of the road.

Many excellent portable tire inflation options can be found on Amazon starting at around $30. Given that properly inflated tires improve driving performance and quickly re-inflating one can minimize the time you spend vulnerable on the side of the road, this is one gadget that definitely helps make driving safer.

GPS Tracking Devices

Do you have teen drivers in the home? Want to keep tabs on where they are? Then investing in a GPS tracking device is invaluable. Not only can this help pinpoint where your teen drivers are headed, but they can also record speed and driving performance overall. This in turn can help you enforce better, safer driving habits on the part of your kids. This tech can also be very useful in locating somebody in the event your car has been stolen.

Bluetooth/Hands-Free Adapters

Not every car was made in 2015 or later. Many older vehicles lack Bluetooth compatibility, making it difficult to integrate hands-free mobile usage or other critical functions into the car itself. However, Bluetooth adapters are available that can allow even older cars to utilize this technology.

Many of these options work through FM radio signals and a 12V car outlet, allowing you to play music, take calls and perform other hands-free functions easily. This obviously improves overall safety substantially, but it can also be a convenience for drivers of older cars who otherwise couldn’t use hands-free tech in the car as easily (click here for 2020’s best Bluetooth car adapters and kits). 

While many people associate the emergence of tech and gadgets in the car as being dangerous to the driving experience, some offering improved convenience and safer driving are a reality. These five gadgets and solutions can help you reduce the chance of an auto accident and keep yourself and your loved ones safer while behind the wheel.

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