5 Important Reasons to Start Using a VPN Service

Do you already use a VPN service when you access the internet? Many people still don’t – and mostly because they don’t fully understand why using a VPN service is so important or they don’t know what is a VPN.

The fact of the matter is that VPNs have gradually become more and more of a necessity. To be perfectly honest there are many reasons why that is the case – but some are more important than others.

Securely Surf the Web on Public Wi-Fi

Connecting to public Wi-Fi networks at coffee shops and other locations is a great way to conveniently access the internet without depleting your mobile data. However, what you may not realize is that it is far from safe.

When you connect to a public Wi-Fi network, you’ll be exposed to a lot of risk. The information that you send and receive could be intercepted, or malware could be transferred to your device without your knowledge.

If you use a VPN service, however you won’t need to worry about that as it will encrypt the information that you send and let you surf the web securely. That way even if the information is intercepted by others, they won’t actually be able to read it.

Bypass Location-Based Restrictions

Have you come across streaming videos or websites that you can’t access in your country? Nowadays there are quite a lot of location-restricted content, and it can be a bit frustrating at times.

To bypass any geographical restrictions, having a lot of servers is an important aspect along with the regions it covers. PureVPN is one provider along with few services that have over 2,000+ servers. But to its exception, PureVPN covers over 140+ countries which gives it a distinct advantage. You can refer to its review here

Using an efficient VPN will let you bypass such restrictions quite easily however, almost all location-based restrictions are based on the user’s IP address, and a VPN can be used to change that to reflect a different location.

It can also help you to avoid other location-based elements – such region-based price-targeting. The only caveat is that the VPN service that you use needs to switch your IP address to one that is from the location you require.

Overcome Online Censorship

If you’re in a country that has stringent online censorship, you may find that you’re unable to open many websites. Surprisingly, many countries do block online content to varying degrees – as can be seen in the Freedom on the Net report.

Due to the encryption a VPN service provides, it is the perfect way to overcome online censorship. It is more effective than other methods such as using alternate DNS servers, and will help you to overcome practically any type of online censorship.

It should be noted that aside from country-based censorship, VPN services can also help you to overcome restrictions imposed in the workplace, at school, or in other locations. 

Get Rid of ISP Throttles

At times, you may notice that your internet speed is extremely slow – much slower than it should be. In many cases that may be due to the fact that your ISP is ‘throttling’ the speed of certain types of traffic.

Some ISPs are known to throttle traffic for online streaming videos, torrents, and even online games. To confirm it you can test if your bandwidth is throttled quite easily using various speed tests.

If you use a VPN server however, your online traffic will be completely disguised. Simply put your ISP won’t be able to tell whether it is a streaming video, online game, or torrent – and won’t be able to throttle your bandwidth.

Improve Privacy Online

Due to the encryption provided by VPN services as well as the fact that your IP address will be masked, you should be able to protect your privacy far more effectively. It will ensure that all websites, trackers, and other apps that you use will not be able to keep tabs on your activity.

In the long run this should help to improve your online security as well and reduce your risk of being exposed to malware, phishing scams, and other unwanted threats. The goal should be to make it as difficult as possible for malicious users to obtain information about you and your online activities.

Final Words

At this juncture you should be able to see how important it is to use VPN services. If you haven’t already started looking into it, you may want to begin by checking out reviews of popular VPNs.

Make no mistake there are other reasons to start using a VPN service, and lots of other benefits that they can provide as well. That being said, the five that are listed above should help you to see exactly why they are definitely a necessity for the majority of users.

All said and done the best way to see just how useful VPN services can be is to give one a try. It won’t cost you much, and many have free trials that you can use to sample their benefits.

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