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Internet security and data security has become less protected due to the varying data retention laws. People looking to maintain their online privacy are opting for online services to ensure their data is secured. There are various services offered such as VPN, antivirus, password manager services, and email protection. There are several providers are in the market and it is important to get these services from trusted providers. Websites like Privacy Sharks offer reviews on the top and best providers for anything to do with online security.

A virtual private network is a means of ensuring that one’s mobile, computer or laptop is secured. It works by protecting the users’ identity and allowing them to roam the internet freely. VPN tricks the device to believe it is in another location and encrypting the user’s internet activity hence allowing them to access geo-restricted content. People who use devices to work at home require protection from hackers and cyber threats. Some users use these services to keep their information away from their internet provider or the state government. Most people use VPN to ensure online anonymity and online privacy. It helps to keep the users’ location data untraceable by showing a different region.

Internet browsing through unsecured networks exposes one’s private information to the public. Public Wi-Fi networks make passwords and data accessed by a browser vulnerable to access by unauthorized persons. VPN keeps the online activity and IP address private by scrambling data sent over a public network. Search history from someone’s online activity and web surfing can be accessed by various people and used to locate the user. This is why people get targeted ads and pages as per their search content. Service providers and web browsers can access someone’s information anytime without a VPN. The best VPN services should be able to provide privacy and anonymity by hiding the IP address, protect user private information from the public, and allow one to access and watch their favourite shows at whatever location they are when traveling.

Antivirus software is installed on user devices to protect them from known internet threats such as viruses and malware. The software should be frequently updated to ensure that it remains effective since it can also harm the device. A universal antivirus is best preferred for information security since cyber threats that involved a maliciously cooked code may fail to be detected by some antivirus programs. Some antivirus software has the capability of running predictive analysis and are also equipped with artificial intelligence and can therefore detect any malicious software depending on what it does to the user’s device. Users should be keen when selecting the type of antivirus software to install. The weaknesses and strengths of the software should be identified before settling on an antivirus company. An antivirus with frequent scanning and updates helps ensure the user’s cybersecurity hygiene is taken care of and that they are free from threats. Make sure to use the best antivirus software for your needs, like Windows Defender or  Avast, or any other that is relevant for your

Email security ensures that a user’s email communication and accounts are safe from unauthorized access, loss, or compromised by other persons. Email threats include malware, spam, deceptive messages that confuse users to expose sensitive information, hyperlinked malware, and phishing attacks. Email security is essential for both individual and business email accounts. Enterprise and company valuable data should be protected from cyberthreats. There are several ways in which one can secure their email and information. Some of them include strong passwords, secure logins and encryption, email encryption, data scanners, and data protection solutions to protect sensitive information. For companies, it is key to train employees and make them aware of the various types of threats around them. Avoiding risky behaviours such as opening emails and clicking unverified links should also be avoided since malware can cause massive destruction when installed on a device. Email attackers have skills and methods of luring the user to believe that they are supposed to share with them certain information. It is important to select the best email security services to ensure the security of data and private information in personal emails, business emails, or company emails.

Password managers help maintain online security and privacy by offering services that enable users to create strong and unique passwords that are not easy to guess or recreate. It is advisable to avoid repeating and reusing passwords and for most people, it is a challenge to remember every one of them. Password managers also ensure that the generated password is stored in a safe and encrypted location and the user needs to remember only one major password to access the others. the user has to decide on what place they prefer their password saved in. The passwords can be saved on their personal computer, in the cloud, or on someone else server.

Device stored passwords are hard to be accessed by hackers since they will need advanced tools and keyloggers to access the passwords. The user has control over the password access and security. However, when the device is lost, all the passwords can be compromised especially if the device is stolen by someone targeting the user. Cloud storage of passwords makes them easily accessible to the user as well as synchronizes all the passwords on several other devices through cloud servers. The passwords saved on cloud servers can also be recovered when forgotten by the user or in the case of a stolen device. The only threat of saving passwords on the cloud is that they can be breached hence do not provide total security to user data.


Internet security requires the use of various technologies and products to ensure data and information safe from unauthorized personnel and cyber-attack. There are several solutions and products to choose from and they all have different pros and cons on the devices and to the user. It is key to select the right product and package that serves the purpose of ensuring that the device is free from any type of online insecurity. Various sophisticated threats are surrounding online users especially for companies or persons who strive to protect sensitive and private information from target groups.

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