VPS or dedicated servers?

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Websites that after the startup phase begin to generate significant data traffic, could present problems caused by the servers that host them. In fact, when the traffic increases, if the site is not supported by an efficient server, the data transfer is slowed down, compromising the regular visibility of the contents. 

The slowdown of the connection or waiting for the complete loading of a web page are often the main cause of users leaving the site. In addition to these user experience issues, a fast site is also necessary to avoid drops in SERPs. 

This inconvenience is in fact directly connected to the waste of Crawl Budget, a criticality that affects most websites but above all the more complex ones such as e-commerce or large editorial portals. It is precisely in this case that there is a need for a highly performing hosting. 

The Crawl Budget is a parameter that Google assigns to sites and that determines their visibility. The higher this value, the more the website has importance for the search engine, so we will have a better chance of seeing our site among the first results on Google pages, the SERPs. 

The most important values ​​to consider are the number of pages that Google scans every day and the time it takes to do so. Especially the second is very important and related to the speed of the website. 

To avoid these problems and have a fast site, the solution is to improve your hosting service through two options: a VPS or a dedicated server. These two types of servers have grown in popularity in recent years.

What is a VPS? 

A VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a server connected to the internet that replicates all the capabilities and functions of a physical or real server. The main difference lies in the fact that, in this case, the hardware resources are shared between users who use the same infrastructure, but each user has a part of these resources exclusively dedicated to their site. 

Unlike shared hosting, where resources are shared dynamically among the various users, a VPS does not allow dynamic sharing of resources, but each user has assigned quotas.

The advantages of the Virtual Private Server are: 

– savings compared to a similar solution on a physical or real server; 

– flexibility of resources in the sense that resources are easily scalable, i.e. the user can request more if needed; 

– outsourcing of maintenance and part of the fixed costs related to management; 

– physical and data security. 

What is a dedicated server? 

The dedicated server, on the other hand, is a server physically located at a hosting provider and which can be rented. It is a machine for exclusive use, and therefore it is not shared with other customers, unlike VPS. One of the dedicated server providers is Heficed.

Founded in 2008, Heficed is focused on cybersecurity, business intelligence, and hosting. Having servers in major cities in the world, Heficed is able to reach people in many countries. Heficed offers professional dedicated servers that allow each user to customize the server down to the smallest details. Payment methods can also be customized according to customer wishes. 

The services provided by Heficed are also very suitable for intermediate to advanced developers. However, this is not suitable for basic shared or reseller hosting. For any company that desires affordable Tier 3 classified data centers, Heficed is one of the most recommended solutions today.

The dedicated server brings with it various advantages: 

– Resources dedicated solely to your sites, including CPU power, memory, software modules. This means that the entire resources of the machine will be dedicated to a single site, avoiding blockages in moments of greater traffic; 

– Greater security than virtual servers; 

– Faster speed, with significantly shorter response and loading times; 

– Possibility of wider configuration and customization, with more freedom and fewer limits imposed by the server; 

– Instant, internal and more efficient maintenance by the hosting provider’s technicians. Features of a performing WordPress hosting 

The advantages of having a dedicated IP 

Normally sites that share the same server also share the same IP and is the main feature of shared hosting services. By choosing a VPS or a dedicated server, the ability to associate a dedicated IP to a single website allows you to obtain benefits that improve its effectiveness and quality. 

For example, it is possible to solve email blacklisting upstream, one of the main problems of those who carry out e-mail marketing campaigns and who, due to the shared IP, find themselves included in the notorious blacklists, compromising in part or in full the trend of the countryside. 

A problem definitely to be avoided, especially if the cause is not your own website and online activity but that of a “neighbor”. With a series of precautions, the uniqueness of the IP ensures that the emails sent are not categorized as spam and inserted directly into blacklists.

By renting a dedicated server you automatically become the beneficiaries of a personal IP and consequently of the advantages it brings. In recent times, however, dedicated servers have lost popularity compared to VPS, also due to the evolution of the Cloud and its lower costs. 

There is no shortage of choice for websites that boast consistent traffic today. The choice must be considered and planned by anticipating the times and thus avoiding creating problems for your online business. VPS, Cloud and dedicated servers are professional services completely different from the classic hosting package and require skills that go beyond the creation of the website. 

The marketing agency or freelance web designer can be helpful up to a certain point and for this reason, in case of doubts, the support of a hosting provider or a systems engineer is crucial to avoid making mistakes.

Choosing a server that suits your budget and needs is the first step for any company in managing data. Hopefully this article has provided a perspective on how your company chooses a suitable server.

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