What Does “DND” Mean On Snapchat


Are you the one who also thinks whenever there’s something important going on, or something intense, your friends spoil it? Oh yes, Hi5. I welcome you with  the new Snapchat feature, which will help you enjoy your important moments and events without any disturbance.

This new Snapchat feature is known as “DND” mode. At times, things get frustrating. Though people like  snapping a lot, at times that beep sound is very annoying when you are out at some important event, or anything. 

Explanation of “DND” on Snapchat?

“ DND” referred to as “Do not Disturb” , is a feature on snapchat which allows the users to mute the notifications from the platform. If you activate DND mode on your snapchat account, you will not receive any notifications from the group or chat that you have muted. 

What happens when you enable DND mode?

It is often misunderstood as blocking people. At least what I have heard till now.  But it only mutes the notifications of the snaps or messages sent and it doesn’t block them. Also, there is no time constraint in this, you can remove the person from DND whenever you feel like. 

Steps for Enabling DND on Snapchat

Do Not Disturb
  1. We will start with opening the snap and then clicking on your bit emoji on the top of the screen.
  2. Move to the “My friends” section and long press on the person whose notifications you want to mute.
  3. In the menu you get, click on “ chat settings” followed by the “ Message notifications” option.
  4. Turn the toggle off and hit the “Done’ button, as soon as you do it, the DND mode will be activated and you’ll get no notifications on your device from that person. 

Steps for Disabling DND on Snapchat

  1. Open the Snapchat app on your device.
  2. Swipe down from the camera screen and you will see the option” Settings.”
  3. Tap on the gear icon to access the settings menu
  4. Scroll down and tap on “Notification Settings.”
  5. Toggle the “ Do Not Disturb” switch to the off position

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How can you tell if someone put your text on DND on Snapchat?

  1. No Immediate Response: If you have sent someone a message on snapchat, and they do not respond, it shows that they’ve enabled “DND”. 
  2. Grey Arrow: There are two arrows in snapchat, one is grey and the other one is blue arrow. If you see a grey arrow that means your snap or message hasn’t been viewed yet, and if you see a blue arrow that means your snap has been viewed. 
  3. Status Indicator: Some people put DND on their status so that people get to know that they are not available. 

What are the other alternative meanings of DND?

  1. Death & Destructions
  2. Deal or No Deal
  3. Do Not Disclose
  4. Dungeons and Dragons
  5. Drink and disorderly
  6. Do Not Delete

Additional tips

  1. You can customize your notifications on Snapchat from people you want to hear
  2. You can use Snapchat by making yourself invisible to other users on the app.(ghost mode)
  3. You can limit your screen time if you feel you are spending too much time on Snapchat.

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If someone tells you “DND” on a Snap or message, it means they’re just taking a break from the world of communications. You may be patient and don’t contact them for a while!

Of course, now we know that “DND” also stands for other meanings in different contexts. If you’re a gamer, DND is “Death and Destruction” or “Dungeon and Dragons” for you. If you see “DND” in your office, you’re prohibited from deleting or disclosing something!


1. What is the difference between Snapchat’s DND and Mute?

    DND silences notifications from selected contacts without alerting them that they have been put on the DND mode. When you are in DND mode, you won’t receive notifications of snaps, videos, etc. While muting is done by choice. If you have put a person on mute, you will receive everything, but because of the mute mode, you will not receive notifications.

    2. Why isn’t DND working on my phone?

      There might be many reasons . But the most common are; if you have an outdated version of snapchat, try using dnd mode by disabling bitmoji, and lastly make sure you are running latest software on your phone. 

      3. Will I be notified if someone puts me on DND?

        No, Snapchat does not notify users if they have been put on DND or Mute. This allows users to manage their interactions discreetly without informing others of their preference to silence notifications.

        4. Is DND the same as airplane mode? 

          No, DND silences notifications without disrupting network connectivity, while airplane mode disables all wireless connections.

          5. Can I schedule DND mode? 

            Yes, most devices allow you to schedule DND mode for specific times, such as during the night or busy work hours.

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