5 Characteristics of the Best Windows VPS

If you want to start your business and are about to pay a hefty fee for a shared hosting plan, stop. Shared hosting is not the most secure option for hosting your website, and the best way to have a successful business is to lay solid foundations from the start. Now, dedicated hosting solutions might seem like the safest option, but they’re not budget-friendly at all. 

A VPS is the best option for hosting your website because of two important reasons: 

  1. All the hardware resources are available only to you, meaning there is no risk of data theft or security breaches.
  2. When your business takes off and you are attracting more and more customers each day, a robust VPS ensures that your website doesn’t encounter any performance issues, which can be a customer repeller.  

In this post, we want to cover all the essential features of a Windows VPS, so no Linux-loving audience is allowed. 

Just kidding.


Now we touched on the security feature of a VPS in the intro section; let’s discuss it in more detail. 

For some reason, Windows is more prone to cyberattacks than Linux, but that doesn’t mean you cannot prevent them. If you buy a managed Windows VPS from a reputable company, your business’s critical information, such as payment transactions, customers’ email addresses, passwords, etc., is protected by robust network firewalls and intrusion monitoring software. 

On the other hand, if you’re using a shared hosting solution and the other website hosted on the same server as yours gets hacked, chances are your website gets attacked too. The same goes for malware infection and other cyber threats.

It only takes one security loophole for your website to be ground zero for cybercriminals, and if you cannot protect your customers’ information, you lose their trust, and it would be almost impossible to get it back.  

So if you care about your business’s credibility, don’t even think about using shared hosting. And before you start complaining about how low your budget is, many VPS solutions are much cheaper than shared hosting plans.


Using SSD storage significantly affects website loading time, directly impacting SEO and ranking. If you purchase a Windows VPS solution that offers high-performance SSD storage, you improve user experience by a huge degree, which is essential for business growth. 

No resource-draining episodes will occur, which can cause server crashes and, ultimately, website downtime. Remember, if your website loads slowly, visitors won’t see your valuable content, and all those fancy ads you paid for will also be a waste.

Moreover, if you plan on launching your website on WordPress, a resource-consuming platform, you should definitely opt for VPS hosting solutions. 

Even if you don’t have a business but want a faster OS to complete your daily projects or play your favorite games, VPS is the most cost-effective option. Rather than saving up $10,000 to buy a brand-new computer, you pay as little as $8/month for a reliable VPS and can enjoy its optimal OS speed. 


Imagine this, you started a business and need to host your website on a robust server as soon as possible, but you are a complete tech newbie. You don’t have a clue how to configure a server or third-party applications. So what options do you have? 

Reaching out to managed VPS hosting companies with responsive support teams is the best way to get your website up and running in no time. You will receive expert tips about server setup, OS and firewall installation, security protocols, plugin updates, resource maintenance, code debugging, and more. 

Extra Tip: 

Look for a VPS company that offers 24/7 support through live chat, calls, emails, or request tickets. Reach out to them and ask some questions before buying their product to ensure their support team is up to the task. 


At the start of your business, investing in shared hosting solutions might be more practical because your audience and budget are limited. However, when your website attracts more traffic, you need to make sure the user experience is at its highest level. 

Now you have two options, invest your money in a dedicated server or a VPS solution. Dedicated servers would be the obvious choice if you had a well-established company like Amazon or Facebook. But most businesses don’t actually need dedicated servers, not when there’s an equally good but more cost-effective substitute; VPS solutions.


With VPS hosting, you are in charge of server resources and can allocate them based on your business’s needs. However, that’s not the only flexibility feature you get. Most Windows VPS solutions provide users with full root access, which means they can change server configurations, install different software, such as firewalls and other security apps, and, best of all, access their server at any time, anywhere. 

Let’s recap.

Here are all the benefits of investing in a VPS solution that offers root access:

  • 100% control over your server at all times
  • Enhanced security against hackers and system bugs
  • The option to host two websites on your server
  • Enhanced reliability and stability at a dedicated hosting level
  • The option to install the OS you need or prefer
  • Enhanced speed of configuring software applications


There are a lot of renowned VPS companies on the market, which is a good thing but can cause confusion for some people. These companies all have glowing reviews, making it difficult to choose one that best fits your needs. 

This article covered the essential features of a VPS, but you need to get super clear on how each relates to your business. Remember, the most important step in starting a successful business is building a solid foundation, which means taking security issues seriously. That’s why we listed the security feature of a VPS at the top. 

Aside from security measures, your website performance determines how much traffic you attract, which ultimately affects your sales. Some business owners, especially at the start, think their audience is limited, but even if that’s the case, it won’t stay like that forever. 

Using reliable VPS hosting will guarantee your website’s performance, making your users happy and turning them into customers. No one wants to visit a website that takes 2 minutes to load a page; yes, people are that much hasty. 

We mentioned that even if you don’t have the technical knowledge to configure servers, by using managed VPS services, you will have access to a support team that can guide you through every step. 

So there you have it. VPS solutions are the cheapest and most secure hosting solution that guarantees optimal results for your business. 

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