How to Hire Dedicated Development Team Effectively

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The dedicated development team model is a relatively new term; however, it is becoming increasingly popular among those who want to accelerate their business growth. Dedicated development team members are chosen according to the client’s demands for their experience and skill sets. The service provider of the dedicated team takes all the responsibility for the team, payroll, and other administrative tasks. 

This article will tell you what benefits it brings to the business. Moreover, we’ll explain how to hire dedicated development team and find the right development partner for hiring dedicated developers.

Dedicated development team definition

A Dedicated team is a group of software engineers who are completely dedicated to a single project and client. This team of developers generally works on your project on a long-term basis. Dedicated developers are chosen according to the client’s demands for their experience and skill sets. 

What’s important here is that the service provider of the dedicated team takes all the responsibility for the team, payroll, and other administrative tasks. Meanwhile, a client can focus on its core business objectives.  

Benefits of a dedicated development team

Hiring a dedicated team for your software development projects has many benefits.

First and foremost, this team model lets you hire high-qualified specialists at affordable rates that cannot be found locally. Thus you have access to a vast pool of the best talents.

Another critical factor is that a dedicated team is characterized by tight-knit teamwork and constant communication. For example, if you hire individual freelancers, you might have problems with communication and keeping deadlines. A dedicated team, on the contrary, works together and shares knowledge constantly. This ensures that each team member has all the information required to complete their job. This is not possible in the case of freelancers who work separately.
By the way, when working with freelance developers, the project manager has to communicate with many people working on the project. This makes it difficult to manage the project and keep track of who is doing what. Hiring dedicated development team reduces these problems.

How to find the dedicated development team vendor?

There are many ways to hire dedicated development teams. You can find the right vendor through channels like Clutch, ITFirms, GoodFirms, etc. You can also ask your business colleagues for referrals. Likewise, you can use job boards, online classifieds, and direct communication channels like social media or forums. When looking for a dedicated team vendor, do thorough market research.  

So, it would be best if you had the following things ready before you start the hunt for the dedicated team vendors:

 – Project details: Budget, Timeline, Technology, Skill requirements

 – Location and timezone: Where do you want to hire the team from?

 – Deadlines: When do you want the team to be onboard?

How to start working with the dedicated development team?

Once you have found the right vendor for your dedicated development team, you should integrate the team into your project smoothly. Follow these tips to work efficiently with your new developers.

– Define the workflow. It’s essential to define the workflow from the start so that everybody knows what is expected from them. The workflow could include when and how the team gets new requirements and their deliverable schedule. 

– Have clear communication. To make sure that everybody is on the same page, you need to have clear communication with the team. Make sure that everybody shares what they are working on, issues they are facing, etc.

– Have a dedicated team leader. You might have a team leader in the dedicated team. Their role is to be a connecting point between a client and a team. This is important as it makes the project manager’s job easier. 

– Give feedback. Feedback is vital for the growth of individuals and the team. Make sure that you provide feedback to everybody so that everybody can improve.


Hiring dedicated development team brings a lot of benefits to your business.

When the market research is completed, the sound team is chosen, the goals are set, and the development process is on the go, it becomes easier for you to move further and promote your software project

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