Six Tips For Giving Back To Your Staff Members

Six Tips For Giving Back To Your Staff Members

Giving back to your staff members as an organization is important. They do so much for the business and that often goes beyond their pay packet. Nowadays, many employees are sacrificing more of their personal lives in exchange for working hours, in the hopes that they’ll be recognized and rewarded for doing such.

However, not enough of those businesses are recognizing the hard work and efforts being made in time. Many staff members might feel like they don’t want to ask for those rewards or recognition, especially as it should just come naturally.

With that in mind, here are six tips for giving back to your staff members this year.

1. Provide Good Leadership

As a business owner or manager of a team, leadership is important. You should have both leaders and managers within your workforce. Leaders guide the business and look at them as steering the ship.

Managers are on the deck, giving orders while looking after the wellbeing of the staff, making sure everything gets done.

Providing good leadership is going to trickle down in a positive manner to your managers and to all other senior positions. Leaders and managers are crucial to staff retention and developing a positive working environment.

2. Support the Development of Staff

The development of your staff within the business is crucial. The more you can give to your staff through regular training is beneficial.

While not every staff member is after progression within their career ladder, it’s good to offer it to everyone. Giving everyone a fair and equal opportunity is only right and necessary in this day and age.

Speak to your staff members individually about what they’d like to achieve in their role and how this might translate to staff training. By offering support and development to your staff, you’re providing them with the confirmation they need that you’re a company worth sticking with.

3. Create a Positive Workplace Culture for All

Your staff members will hopefully be a diverse group of people, coming from all walks of life and backgrounds. As such, the workplace culture that you curate should be a positive one at the very least. Of course, not everyone is going to get on and therefore it’s important to recognize that there won’t always be harmony in the workplace.

However, the efforts made by yourself and senior management will make a big difference to how your staff feels when stepping through those doors in the morning and how they feel when they leave at the end of the day.

You should look to create a positive workplace culture for all and when someone isn’t happy, it should be taken seriously. You can get a lot of feedback from your staff, so consider taking any feedback you get regarding workplace culture with a great deal of attention.

4. Check-in with Your Staff through Regular Meetings

Checking in with your staff through regular meetings is important. Every staff member should have a one-on-one meeting with their superiors in order to check in regularly. You should also look to do one annual meeting per year where you go over all of the progress that they’ve made and how they could improve upon their efforts in the next year.

When conducting these meetings, it’s good to take a record of them so that there’s evidence it happened. It can also be good to justify any action or reaction that needs to be taken.

Look at which staff members are getting the regular meetings in and which ones might be a little lax.  You might find that some supervisors or managers are doing enough when it comes to setting up meetings.

5. Show Appreciation through Recognition and Rewards

Finally, a great way to give back to your staff members is by showing your appreciation through recognition and rewards. Recognition is not done enough in many companies. It’s something that you should try to make a more proactive effort with.

Rewards are also good to give to your staff. These could be in the form of vouchers or bonuses. You could offer a promotion in the situation where it’s warranted. Even companies with limited resources or funding can still show their appreciation to team members in small ways. Look at how you could reward and recognize those who deserve it.

For physical rewards, you could always give glass awards for team members of the month or year.

6. Look After their Mental Wellbeing

Wellbeing is important to your business so look at how you could support mental health in the workplace. This could be through more regular check-ins or perhaps offering a mental health day.

Giving back to your staff members is important and it’s something that you should look at doing for your workforce where you can.

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