Giving Season: Everything You Need To Know

Seasons come and go, but they never fail to leave us with (pleasant) memories. For a fundraiser, the most memorable season will be that he/she must have raked in some good donations. This is most likely during the Giving Season, which this article discusses at length. Hence, you will find the information shared here really useful if you’re yet to have a full grasp of what Giving Season is all about.

When Does The Giving Season Fall?

Giving Season comes around the latter part of every year. It begins around the last week of November through December and the New year. One can safely say that the Giving Season falls during the holidays. It is a period when people are more inclined to give to a cause.

More so, many people usually look to take advantage of the tax benefits attainable within this Season. Donors may get some taxable income deductions through donations to specific non-profit organizations. You can flow along with this to fix your fundraising campaign in this Season – which is now gradually approaching.      

What Fundraising Measure Can One Employ During A Giving Season?

If you wish to tap into the Giving Season, you need to factor in certain things. This is highly important since the Season will be another period [in time] for anyone who doesn’t align. Paramount among the considerations you need to make is the choice of fundraising strategy.

The host of adoptable strategies can simply not be undermined, but some will assure the most significant outcome. One of such strategies is the peer-to-peer method – which is also called team or social fundraising. The peer-to-peer fundraising involving multiple layers of networks in your fundraising campaign.

Imagine a friend or supporter telling his/her family or friends about your campaign. And not just that, convincing them to donate to the cause. This strategy will undoubtedly increase your chances of getting more funds in return. You can easily implement this in the Giving Season when the giving instinct of people is unlocked.

Another notable strategy for Giving Season fundraising is online donation. The reason is that many activities – Black Friday sales, Cyber Monday, etc. – happen over the virtual space during this Season. So, with an active online presence, you can connect with donors to aid your cause. 

To this end, you have to provide a means through which they can make donations online. People can even be more inspired to give with online donation enablement provided. All they need to complete the giving is just a couple of clicks – no hassles.

You cannot afford to miss out on the benefit derivable from crowdfunding during the Giving Season. Through this, you will be able to appeal to many people to join your fundraising campaign. It is one of the many ways the internet has immensely contributed to the fundraising sector. 

However, you need to set up your crowdfunding page convincingly, providing relevant details about the campaign. This will guarantee a more far-reaching result as transparency is promoted. 

Advantages Of Having Your Fundraising Campaign During a Giving Season

Having your fundraising campaign in the Giving Season isn’t just for the fun of it. There are some advantages that come with it, and these (advantages) should inspire you to sync the campaign in line with this Season. So, without ado, let us consider the following advantages: 

  1. Increased Chances of Getting Funds While Spending Less

From the preceding discussion, it is apparent that there is a higher tendency to connect with more cheerful givers during a Giving Season. In essence, you can expect to meet your fundraising goal as quickly as possible. This comes on the back of the increased amount of funds you will be able to receive during the Giving Season.

You do not have to spend more to get more donations when Giving Season is up in the air. For instance, it won’t cost you much to just put up a social media post soliciting for funds. Nevertheless, you have to be calculated with your moves as you strive to draw the attention of prospective donors to the fundraising campaign. 

  1. Boost Awareness About the Project on A Longer Scale

Awareness about your fundraising campaign will also be enhanced during the Giving Season. You may not have to spend massively on ads to get such awareness. This is even more achievable if you embrace any of the measures discussed earlier. It is hard to imagine your fundraising campaign not finding its way into the sea of willing givers navigating virtual pages. 

  1. Better Chances of Reaching New Donors

There may be no better way to kick off a fundraising campaign than the Giving Season. This is because the probability of connecting with new donors is relatively higher during a Giving Season. As it had widely reported, there tend to be more impulse givers in this period of the year.

Moreover, it is established that one-third of the annual donations in the US are gotten during the Season – which is barely over a month. This shows you how vital the Giving Season can be to actualizing your (fundraising) goal. It is, however, incumbent that you find ways of appealing to these new donors. Communicating your values and vision can do a lot of tricks in this regard.   


A Giving Season is a season filled with love and gracious hearts. So, it is logical for fundraisers to tap into this opportunity, appealing to the repertoire of willing givers. It is one Season you should look to complement your fundraising effort – that has been started beforehand. And from all the preceding discussion, it will be gratifying to have a campaign during this Season.

That said, you do not have to dilly-dally on your fundraising campaign with the Giving Season for this year about to break forth. It would be best if you started planning towards this putting the necessary modalities in place. The exercise won’t be an effort in futility as you gather impressive results in the days ahead.

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