Get Your Charity Ahead with A Digital Donation Platform

With more charities coming online and building targeted marketing strategies alongside email campaigns and emotive appeals, your charity has to do more than ever before to stand out and get noticed. While there are plenty of opportunities to turn heads with appeals that get right to the heart of local or national issues and make use of popular social media campaigns to spread your message. Providing an online donation platform in addition to show-stopping charity web design makes it easier for donors to make their contributions and is a sure-fire way to get the top of people’s preferred charities.

Still not convinced, see below for how a digital donation platform can put your charity ahead of the competition;

Convenience at the Tap of a Button

With the growing number of online users viewing websites on a mobile or tablet device, providing the convenience to donate quickly and easily at the tap of a button will see your website attracting a greater number of users out of ease of use and accessibility.  When adding a platform for receiving donations through your website, make sure that donate button are on every page and clearly reachable on the main appeal pages, normally near the top, large and colourful with clear languages, such as ‘donate’, ‘give here’ or ‘make your contribution’. 

Adding an additional floating button that appears fixed across the website means that even when browsing, news, information and blog pages, your website visitors can quickly get to the page to make their contributions and help those less fortunate. 

Always Online, Always Available

Unless, on the very rare occasion, something or someone takes your entire site down, visitors coming to your website do not have to wait for phone lines or the local post office to open before they can make their contributions. With a digital donation platform, should your website visitor be an over-night worker or simply a night-owl, they can make their donations conveniently and at a time that suits them. 

Multiple Payment Options

A digital platform opens the door to provide your donors with a choice of payment methods, providing the option to pay by bank transfer, from their debit or credit card or by using secure payment methods such as PayPal. While younger generations including millennials and Gen Z are rapidly given the most when compared to baby-boomers in the UK during 2017, the split across payment methods still favours traditional direct debit and bank transfers (42%), over a modern-day credit card (8%) and debit card (15%) services.  

Alternative Revenue

These days, not everything is done in a country’s local currency and plenty of people have joined the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency trend, picking up and investing in popular tokens such as Ethereum, Litecoin and XRP. Providing a platform that accepts one or most of the main cryptocurrency options is an excellent way to attract both younger and more tech-savvy donors who prefer to handle all their online transactions using cryptocurrency. 

While cryptocurrency can be volatile in that it doesn’t hold a constant value, charities that have the resource and know-how can potentially hold or trade their cryptocurrencies up and generate a greater amount of money than the initial donation was made for. By accepting payments via Bitcoin, you join leading charities such as Save the Children and the Red Cross. 

The digital charity sector is still rapidly growing and changing and has plenty of distance to make up, with many charities reporting they still feel behind on their online presence and what they can offer donors. Getting online doesn’t have to take up a lot of resource but it’s important not to rush the process and put up a website that is slow, doesn’t work across multiple devices or doesn’t convey your message and goals. Take the time to plan what you hope to get out of your website, invest in a quality charity web design and development company and then get your head-turning marketing campaign in place. 

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