What is the Best AI EdTech Solution for Your School?

While AI might not be cool to promote or discuss in the eyes of many educationists, many features make this technology interesting and beneficial for students. 

Artificial intelligence can help students and other academic peers in various ways, including customizing the learning process, offering advice or information for writing assignments, improving quality, guaranteeing originality in work, etc. 

Simply put, artificial intelligence in education can make learning easier for students.

If artificial intelligence fascinates you and you want to experience the best EdTech tool for simplifying your school-related tasks, we suggest you read this post.

What is the Best AI EdTech Solution for Your School?

This article will introduce you to the best AI EdTech solution. But first, let us discuss what this is all about.

What is AI in EdTech?

EdTech, or education technology, implements modern technology and tools in traditional classroom/learning systems. Innovation in education, from projection screens to online plagiarism checker tools, are all common examples of Ed Tech

Technology has been innovating and changing educational institutes for the last ten years, but recent developments and advancements in AI have completely changed the game. 

Today, AI-powered solutions help students be independent in the learning process. You can find online tutoring systems, educational bots, adaptive learning solutions, content generators, paraphrasing tools, and many other programs based on AI, NLP, ML, and other advanced systems. 

Best AI EdTech Solution for Students in 2024

If you search online for the “Best AI EdTech Solution”, you would find at least 50 different resources claiming to be the best but in reality, these are not very helpful for students as they are not easy to use and require technical expertise or premium subscriptions.

We have tried and tested dozens of AI education tools indexed on Google and other search engines, and out of multiple options, we have chosen ParaphraseTool.ai!

In this section, we will discuss why we have selected and discussed this tool and what makes it the most reliable resource for school students. Let us dig into the details!

Introduction to ParaphraseTool.ai

At its core, this is an online paraphrasing solution whose main function is to rewrite existing text in different words to make the new version unique and more understandable for a reader. 

This paraphrasing solution uses artificial intelligence, natural language processing, machine learning, and other advanced technologies, making it capable of rewriting and modifying text just like a professional academic writer.

This website is designed and developed for all users related to the writing world who need help, but in our opinion this tool is the most helpful for students struggling with academic writing tasks. 

What Makes ParaphraseTool.ai an Ideal Solution for Students?

We consider this solution to be one of the most helpful ones for students, and this is because of different reasons that we will discuss here. 

But before that, you must know that the majority of school students from all around the world struggle to write unique and high-quality assignments, essays, and other papers. This is probably because they lack research skills, don’t know how to paraphrase existing information, or cannot present complex concepts/information contextually accurately. 

These problems can be resolved or avoided with the help of ParaphraseTool.ai! Some common uses of this tool for students include:

  • It can help remove plagiarism from academic documents
  • It can reduce the word count of your assignments/essays
  • It can improve overall text quality and readability
  • It can be used to remove redundancy/wordiness
  • It can be used to humanize AI-generated content
  • It can produce multiple versions of an existing piece of text

These are some of the most popular reasons why we consider this tool one of the most helpful utilities for students. 

Exploring Various Tools for Students on this AI EdTech Solution!

ParaphraseTool.ai is a one-stop solution for anyone who wants to improve the quality of their writing. School students looking for free writing assistant tools can rely on this platform and easily get high grades on their academic documents.

  1. Paraphrase Tool

The paraphrasing tool is the core utility of this AI solution. The main function of this tool is to automate manual paraphrasing/rewriting tasks that otherwise take hours and sometimes even days. 

Students can use this paraphrasing tool to rewrite content for their essays, assignments, and other papers. The content produced by this tool is always free of plagiarism, written in simple language, and free of all kinds of human errors. 

On this tool, students would find the “Academic” rewriting mode specifically designed to cater to academic paraphrasing tasks. The special feature of this mode is that it retains all citations and references while creating a new version. 

  1. Grammar Checker

The grammar checker is a very valuable tool for students. As the name hints, the tool can help students check grammatical errors in their write-ups. Not only this, but the tool can also check typos, missed punctuation, and other readability issues.

Other than highlighting errors, the tool can fix them with just a single click. Students can save time and effort otherwise wasted in manual proofreading and focus more on research, outlining, and writing. 

The content passed through this AI grammar checker would always be free of human errors. 

  1. Summarizing Tool

Summarizer is another valuable tool for students. This tool can summarize lengthy drafts in seconds while retaining the core ideas.

Students can use the text summarizer tool during research work to extract the core ideas from lengthy papers, or they can also use the tool to reduce the length of their assignments or essays if they exceed the allowed word limit. 

This tool is also free to use and provides accurate abstracts.

  1. AI Humanizer

The humanizer is one of this tool’s latest additions and is remarkable. This tool is designed and developed to create content that goes undetected by even the most advanced AI text checker tools, such as Copyleaks. 

Students using AI text generative tools such as Chat GPT and others to create text for their assignments, essays, term papers, dissertations, etc., can easily use this humanizer to convert robotic text into natural wording.

The tool can easily find and remove robotic phrases, overused words, passive voice, and other characteristics that can flag the text as AI-generated. 

  1. Plagiarism Remover

As you might have already guessed, the plagiarism remover tool is designed to eliminate plagiarized text. There is zero tolerance for plagiarism in the academic world, so students must put in a lot of effort to ensure their submissions are unique. 

Because of the amount of content already published on the web, there is always a chance that students can be accused of plagiarism, even if they have written a document from scratch. This is where this AI plagiarism remover comes to the rescue. 

Students can easily reword duplicate sentences and even complete passages for free with this plagiarism remover. The revised version would be 100% original and different from the uploaded content.

  1. Essay Rewriter

The essay rewriter is a tool designed especially for students who need help in essay writing. The essay rewriter tool can easily repurpose a complete essay in different words, conveying the same ideas and concepts. 

If students are not confident about the quality or originality of their essay drafts, they can easily rewrite them with this tool and get an engaging and error-free draft. 

This AI rewriter tool can restate all kinds of essays, including argumentative, expository, narrative, descriptive, persuasive, and others. 

Noteworthy Features of ParaphraseTool.ai

Now that you know about the most helpful tools, let us go through the features that make this solution the best for students in schools. 

  1. Free Modes Available 

The most important thing for school students is the cost of the service. ParaphraseTool.ai offers a free version for those looking for affordable or free help. The tool doesn’t charge a single penny but poses some limitations that can be unlocked with the premium plans. 

  1. Friendly Layout 

School students generally don’t have much technical expertise or experience. ParaphraseTool.ai comes with the simplest interface and layout, making it extremely easy to use for first-time users. 

  1. Safe and Secure

All of the tools on this AI platform are safe and secure to use. The tool doesn’t save or share any content uploaded on this site or created by it. All data is deleted once the user signs off. In addition to this, you must know that your personal information is also protected. No one can find out that you’ve taken help from this platform. 

  1. Universal Compatibility

Another feature we liked was that the tools worked on every device. Being a web-based solution, this site doesn’t need any installations. Students can use it on any device or operating system with a browser and stable connection. The tools are available for use 24/7. 

  1. Accurate Results

Lastly and most importantly, the text generated by every tool on this site is flawless 99% of the time. Students would always get contextually accurate and error-free results, whether it be the paraphraser, summarizer, humanizer, grammar checker, or another tool. 

We suggest students always manually check and improve text generated by these tools as no technology is perfect, and it is best to stay on the safe side.


Artificial intelligence is changing the ways of the traditional education system. Today, students can find hundreds of tools and applications specifically branded under the EdTech banner. These tools or software solutions can help students with different tasks and enable them to learn and grow at their own pace. 

This article discusses one of the best AI EdTech solutions, ParaphraseTool.ai! This platform is home to many helpful tools that can help students improve the quality of their academic write-ups for free. 

After reading this guide, we hope you will check out the different tools that can make academic writing tasks a breeze!

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