8 Apps That Will Help You With Any College Assignment

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Assignments are meant to create learning opportunities for students. They help in building research skills, creativity, time management, organization, and team spirit. That said, today, assignments are also an easy source of stress among students because academics are only one portion of student life. 

Between managing internships, part-time jobs, extracurriculars, and personal life, today, students need all the help they can get to meet the academic demands. Fortunately, there are apps designed exactly to serve that purpose. If you are getting your phone ready for the next term, these are the tools that you need to download. 

  1. EssayPro 

Sometimes, essay writing is as casual as a breeze. Ideas flow right into your mind, and they form the perfect shape on your paper. Other times, you struggle with the topic, unable to find relevant sources to frame your thesis. Now, how can Essaypro help you with this? You can order any type of paper written by a professional essay writer using the app. They will even follow your requirements precisely while ensuring that the paper is entirely unique. You can then use this paper as a reference and swoop in the top for your class. 

  1. Wolfram Alpha

If you are experimenting with assignment tools, you need to have Wolfram Alpha on your toolset. You can call this an all-in-one platform that has resources for almost every subject. You will find categories ranging from science, mathematics, social sciences, and literature to linguistics. The app is also equipped with computational intelligence that employs exclusive algorithms and AI technology to give you answers to your questions. All you need is to enter your problem, and the app will churn out matching results.

  1. Mendeley

If you have a dissertation or a research paper lined up soon, then Mendeley is one of the handiest tools. It is a reference management software that allows you to simplify your research. You can store and organize all your references in their library. Most importantly, the Mendeley site functionality makes it easier for you to insert citations and bibliographies to your documents. Further, the app can also make research easier by highlighting or adding to your reference PDFs. The app also connects you to a network with other students and researchers with whom you can collaborate and share ideas.

  1. Quizlet

The worst assignments come in the form of exam preparation or project presentation. If you are a fan of using flashcards to prepare, Quizlet could easily be your go-to app. The tool can be used to create your own flashcards, add images to them, and track your progress. There are also several built-in features at your disposal to add definitions and more. Moreover, you can upload these flashcards so other users can download and use them. Likewise, there are hundreds of flashcards available for you in the Quizlet library.

  1. MindMeister

This intuitive tool is apt for students who want to work with flowcharts and mind maps for their assignments. Using Mindmeister, you can build these maps to visualize your ideas and communicate them to others using the built-in presentation mode. Once done, you can export these slides to share or broadcast it to your collaborators.

  1. Socratic

Socratic is very similar to Wolfram Alpha in principle. The tool is powered by Google AI, and you can use text or speech recognition to get answers to your questions. The solution comes with detailed and comprehensive steps, allowing you to understand how to arrive at the answer yourself. You can receive support on a myriad of subjects and high-quality learning resources, with links to video tutorials to help with your assignments.

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  1. Google Docs

A majority of college assignments come with some sort of writing. You need to write essays, term papers, research, and the list could go on for a while. Google Docs is a word processor, accessible on all devices, both online and offline. Whether you forgot to save the document or left it in your room, no problem, you only need to log in to your Google account to access it. Plus, they also have a citation tool that can help you tremendously in adding references to your papers.

  1. My Study Life

A big part of assignments is keeping track of all the deadlines and organizing them based on priority. My Study Life will help you stay on top of classes with rotational timetables. You can also include weekly schedules to plan with. Alongside, there is the to-do list functionality that can help you note down all the assignments. In case you forget these, the app will send you alerts on incomplete tasks and upcoming deadlines. In essence, it is like having a personal assistant who will remind you of when any critical work is due.

Remember that while these tools can make your life easier, do not rely entirely on apps to get the work done. The goal is to make your college experience less stressful and more productive with them. And in that regard, these apps can certainly help you shine.

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