10 Best Android Applications for Learning Languages as a Tourist in 2019

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Are you gearing up to tour the world? Have a pleasant trip by learning the native language of your destination fast using these top-rated Android apps.

The majority of tourists would agree that learning a new language can be quite challenging. Understandably, each language comes with its own unique set of grammar rules, vocabulary, and cultural aspects to grasp. As such, it will take much time and commitment before one can understand and speak a new language effectively. But even with that said, there are tons of applications that can help you when learning a new language. And worth mentioning is that while these tools are not guaranteed to make you an expert in a specific language, they will undoubtedly make the language learning process more comfortable.

On that note, below is a curated list of top language learning apps for 2019:


50Languages is a free application that allows you to learn 50+ languages, both online and offline. It is available in about 3,000 language combinations among them French to English, English to German, German to Chinese, and so forth. The app has 100 lessons that teach you basic vocabulary in various languages, making you capable of speaking short sentences fluently in a short time. By taking the lessons, you will be in a position to converse in a new language depending on the situation, for example, while vacationing, ordering food at a restaurant, shopping, visiting a doctor in a new country, knowing people, making bank transactions, and so forth.

50Languages uses both text and audio files for language teaching. Learners can download the audio files on the app’s official website, store them on their Android devices, and listen to them while on the go during lunch break, at a train or bus station, etc. This application stands out because it corresponds to A1 and A2 Common European Framework levels, thus, making it ideal for all students and schools. The audio files all learners download can be used to enhance language courses. Apart from that, adults who wish to refresh their knowledge of a specific language can use the app’s audios.

The application comes with an excellent user interface and is useful for tourists who travel frequently or people interested in learning a new language from scratch. To get the most out of the app, make a point of learning a single lesson each day and repeat what you cover regularly.

Translate.com Platinum App

A great way to learn a new language is through translations. As you see the equivalents of words and phrases in another language, you learn it. With the Translate Platinum application, you can translate text, photos, and even speech in an instant. The app comes with the intuitive interpreter mode that allows you to convert natural conversations in real-time. Apart from that, it has a convenient Translation feed that enables you to view consolidated results at one place. With the app, you can access translations in over 100 language pairs.

Here is an overview of the application’s stand out features:

  • Human translations

If you are looking for human translation online, then this is the app for you. The application is supported by a network of 40,000+ expert translators that ensures you get accurate translations fast.

  • Voice translations

Translate Platinum enables you to access instant voice translations in real-time. With the app’s interpreter feature, you can translate conversations as they happen. Voice translations are available in 30 languages.

  • Photo translations

With Translate Platinum, you can access instant and effortless high-quality translations. You can use the camera on your Android device to capture menus, signs, etc. for translation. Photo translations are available in 17 languages.  

  • Text translations

Translate Platinum allows you to access text translations in 64 languages. You can translate text using handwriting or keyboard input.

Other notable features of the app are:

  • Auto-detection of languages input via text.
  • Ability to place human translation orders from over 40,000 professional translators.


Duolingo runs on the premise that learning languages should be free. As such, you can learn all the languages on the platforms at no cost right from the beginning to the end. The app leverages a gaming concept that enables you to learn different languages by playing games laden with various grammar and vocabulary. The application developers say that 34 hours of playing the games are almost equal to a semester of learning a language in college. It is suitable for beginners as it allows one to start with the basic words, sentences, and phrases in a language.

Language Drops

Drops boast of taking the boring bit out of language learning. You will learn new vocabulary using excellent minimalist illustrations as well as fast-developing mini-games. Another good thing is that you will only need 5 minutes of exercises each day. Apart from that, Language Drops is guaranteed to forge a learning habit in you by providing you with daily tasks that pique your interest. You can learn many languages, and with each passing month, many more are added to the application.


Mondly allows you to learn an array of languages for free, among them German, French, English, Russian, Italian, Norwegian, Swedish, Croatian, Persian, Thai, and Turkish. Within a short time of using the application, you will have memorized basic words and learned different phrases. Also, you will be capable of forming simple sentences and participating actively in conversations. Mondly stands out from the rest because it enables you to grasp pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary effectively.


This Android application allows you to join a vast community of 35 million+ plus people to develop your language abilities using multiple games and 30,000+ videos by native speakers. One of the features that distinguish this application from the others is that it allows you to learn with locals. Another thing is that the app enables you to practice languages while offline, thus, giving you much convenience.

MosaLingua Crea

This developer avails tons of language learning applications on Google Play that use a flashcard system. When you go for the premium version of MosaLingua Crea’s applications, for $4.99, you will access 3,000+ flashcards. These resources are an excellent study aid, especially for those who are learning a new language from scratch. Nonetheless, make a point of combining this application with another learning source of your liking.


Quizlet is yet another Android application that makes it fun for you to practice and master a new language. It allows you to create your study sets and flashcards or choose from the many created by other students. 50 million+ learners use Quizlet because its flashcards make learning vocabulary and new languages simple and way more effective. Apart from that, this application allows you to create games and quizzes to test your mastery of languages.

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone leverages a proven immersion method to train learners on how to gain context from conversations in various languages. It teaches you how to think in any language by providing connections between what you see and what you say. With Rosetta Stone, you get to explore conversational aspects of learning, thereby growing your reading and speaking skills.

The app boasts of TruAccent®, a speech recognition tech, that allows you to improve your pronunciation. Also, it can function offline y providing you with downloadable lessons that you can attempt whenever.  

Tandem and Hello Talk

These unique learning language learning applications primarily rely on community input. When you want to study a new language, you will be paired up with another person, who will teach you their language while you teach them yours. The application will pair you with a language learning partner based on the languages both of you want to learn. Language learning is aided by audio messages, picture messages, text messages, and video calls.   

Final Word

To conclude, these are the top applications you can use to learn any new language ahead of visiting a new country or while in one for fun and exploration. Try them out to find which is best for you. All the best!

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