5 Best Apps for Learning a New Language

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People usually speak two languages in addition to their native language. However, it’s also relatively rare because only three per cent of the total world population can speak more than four languages.

Do you know the best way to learn a new language is by listening? From learning English by watching the BBC to changing regions on Netflix, you have all the means to learn a new language without paying for a new language class.

If you want to be fluent in different languages, you need to download the following apps on your smartphone right away.


Duolingo is an interactive, free app that allows you to select a language and begin a course without setting up an account. How fast is that? The app uses all kinds of media such as audio, pictures, and text to facilitate beginners to learn different languages. 

This way, the users can associate the audio with the visuals to quickly learn new words.

The app divides the tasks into different stages. As you progress, the stages become difficult in which you have to build your vocabulary and even form a sentence structure. Moreover, you can also test different sections altogether to gauge your progress. Not only that, but Duolingo also adapts to new questions based on your knowledge and how well you are performing.

You can learn multiple languages, including Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Greek, and many more. The best part is you can download the app on iPhone, Windows 10, iPad, and Android. Even though the app is not available everywhere, you can use a VPN service to solve this issue. 


Memrise offers an easy-to-use interface with offline courses, allowing you to learn different languages. Furthermore, if you know the basic vocabulary of a language, you can skip the simple stages and move forward to the advanced lessons.

One of the most extraordinary things about Memrise is its unique way of teaching new words and phrases. Next, you can use the words that sound similar to your preferred language in a word, allowing you to form a connection for better understanding and learning.

In addition to that, you can see recognizable images with foreign text to enhance the association.

Another exciting way of using the Memrise is by combining different translations to learn new words from multiple languages at once. Furthermore, you need to learn them repeatedly to memorize them before moving forward to the next stage.

You can install Memrise on iPhone, online, iPad, and Android to learn Portegues, Mongolian, Yoruba, Slovenian, etc.


Are you kidding? No, not at all. Netflix allows you to watch different regional content, including Japanese, Korean, Pakistani, Indian, and Turkish, to name a few. Furthermore, it enables you to select subtitles and dubbing in different languages, allowing you to learn foreign languages.

Many people who are fans of Korean content are pretty familiar with their commonly used words. How? It’s because they opt for the original Korean language while watching the subtleties in English. This way, they can learn a new language while having fun watching their favorite shows on Netflix. It’s one of the most remarkable ways to learn a new language.

You must be wondering how to select different languages and subtitles on Netflix:

  1. You need to play the movie or the show you want to watch.
  2. You can see the options of subtitles on the bottom right side.
  3. You can select the optional languages for both audio and subtitles from there.

Google Translate

We are all familiar with Google Translate as it’s our best companion both online and offline. However, it’s different from the rest of the apps. It doesn’t have any designed courses or a learning path; instead, it offers a simple interface to translate voice, handwriting, and text into your desired language.

All you need to do is select an input and output language in which input is the language you want to translate into the output or resulting language.

The best thing about Google translate is that it allows you to translate pictures, such as signboards and restaurant names, in your native language. Moreover, you can download different languages to translate in offline mode without requiring any Wi-Fi or data connection.

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is essentially a professional-level language learning program that offers a free app to assist travelers in learning basic phrases and words to communicate with the locals. The basic idea behind the app is quite simple as multiple pictures associated with common terms are spoken in the language who want to learn. Next, you need to repeat the words back to improve your pronunciation.

Furthermore, Rosetta Stone gives you the flexibility to skip or forward the lessons; else, you can follow the courses as designed.

Another exciting feature of this app is the phrasebook with essential words and phrases to assist you while traveling. This way, you can communicate with the hotel management and restaurant staff.

Closing Words

It’s essential to learn new languages, especially if your work requires traveling. Not only that, in this digital era, we work with people online from all parts of the world. That’s why you must learn new languages to increase your skills and communicate with people from different regions.

Though we can understand the charm of enjoying the best streaming apps, give the languages app a try so you can enjoy and understand content available in other languages too. 

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