The Best US Netflix Series You Can Watch Right Now

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Considering the strange times we are currently living, streaming services like Netflix have been getting more popular than ever considering that most people are making use of it in order to get their heads out of the coronavirus pandemic.

According to numerous experts, this is actually one of the best activities to do during the quarantine since it will reduce your stress and anxiety levels and even make you feel quite entertained for a while. This is precisely why many who can not get the content they want are turning to a Netflix VPN or even a BBC iPlayer VPN.

If you want to watch Netflix and don’t know what series and movies its currently hosting in the US, here’s a little list of the greatest you can enjoy right now.


In the year 1977, the faith of the American ideal was crumbling because of the different cultural and political crises that were taking place at the same time.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) started to face a type of criminal that appeared for the first time ever: The serial killer, which is characterized for presenting no basis in reason for their horrible crimes. 

FBI Agent Holder Ford teams up with Behavioral Science Unit agent Bill Tench to travel all across the United States to interview some of the most twisted and dangerous serial killers in prison, in order to fulfill an unorthodox goal: to make sense of their violent tendencies through psychoanalysis and research.

Better Call Saul

While this is definitely one of the most incredible Netflix original series you can watch, the tricky part is that you need to watch the legendary Breaking Bad first. After all, we’re talking about an outstanding spin-off about one of the most memorable characters of this series.

In Better Call Saul, we’re going back to the desert of New Mexico to watch the real origins of the charismatic Saul Goodman. Basically, the series revealed the way this character became the crooked lawyer that helped drug kingpins and made millions in the drug business.

The show is set almost a decade before the events of Breaking Bad, and considering that it is about Goodman’s path, it is as funny and thrilling you can imagine.

Tiger King

It is simply impossible to describe how extremely funny, interesting, and bizarre this series is. In fact, we are talking about one of the craziest true-crime documentary ever, involving tiger lovers, major scams, and a lot of weird events in the South of the United States.

Tiger King’s setup is quite simple: Famous Director Eric Goode starts making a film about snake dealers in Florida, getting from there into the bizarre world of tiger owners. Thanks to that bizarre turn of events he meets Joe Exotic, a gay country musician and owner of a tiger zoo who was convicted last year of trying to kill animal rights activist, Carole Baskin.

BoJack Horseman

This is probably the most outstanding animated series of Netflix, featuring voices from some of the most famous stars and TV celebrities, including Alison Brie, Will Arnett, and even Aaron Paul. We are talking about a top-notch comedy series that slowly gets deep into heavy subjects.

BoJack Horseman is essentially the story of a washed-up celebrity horse who is desperately trying to get his stagnant career back on track. Basically, this series is quite ridiculous in every single aspect and is great for some loud laughs at the expense of the celebrity lifestyle. However, without losing its exquisite comedy touch, the series evolves into a really sad but quite poignant vision of pop-culture and depression in the United States.

Altered Carbon

This is definitely the best series you can watch if you’re a fan of cyberpunk. After all, Altered Carbon is an adaptation of the Richard K. Morgan novel. The story is set hundreds of years in the future where humanity has developed its technology so much that it can now download consciousness into desktops and laptops.

The series is essentially a noir story involving corrupt politicians, greedy capitalists and is set in a grim and seductive city where most habitants seem to be hiding a dark secret. In short, this is the best kind of show for those who love classics such as Blade Runner.

In fact, Altered Carbon has been getting so incredibly popular that many believe Netflix could make a spin-off of it in the near future, just like it has already done with some famous series.

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