Commercial robots-The New Model of Commercial Robots from Universal Robots

Image by Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay

Universal Robots brought into the manufacturing sector the collaborative robot. Over time, they have innovated to come up with several generations of their collaborative robots. The current and latest generation, the E series is more superior to the already existing robots.

The E-series is available in three models, UR3e, UR5e, UR10e. This means that manufacturers have a variety of robots to choose from to automate their factories as they see fit.

Here are some of the features of the E series robots from Universal Robots.

Rapid automation deployment

For many robots, it takes a long time to get them production ready. With the new E-series commercial robots, it takes less time to get the robots ready for production in a factory.

Traditional robots take about 10 months to get deployed while the modern E-series robots take about one hour to deploy. This enables manufacturers to start using their investments in a much shorter time from the time of purchase.

Force Sensor at the wrist

This is an extremely useful feature of this superior collaborative robot. With these features, manufacturers do not have to worry about having to set the force with which the robots operate. The robots can automatically tell how much force they need to apply onto the products that they are working on.

This also allows robots to work on more types of material including those that may be considered too brittle to be handled by robots.

Intuitive programming interface

The programming interface on the new E-series is more advanced than the previous model. It is now more intuitive and thus enables robot operators to easily work on advanced manufacturing processes.

In the E-series robot, the screen is larger and has a higher resolution making the robot much easier to use.

Advanced safety features

The E-series robots also possess advanced safety features over the previous models. Among the most prominent feature is its advanced safety program. The E-series can be programmed to stop within a fraction of a second when it detects human presence from a distance that it has been programmed.

This means that there will be less accidents in the factory that can be attributed to the use of these new model robots.

Range of robots

The E-series is available in a variety of robots. This means that manufacturers do not have to worry about choosing robots for the work that they are doing. The variety of available E-series robots have different reach and different weight load capacity.

Long reach

The E-series robots have a much longer reach than the older model collaborative robots. They are still as compact as the older cobots. This means that with the E-series, you can do more work with the same robot in the same factory space.

Easy to use

The E-series robot, is further much easier to use. With the large touch screen programming interface, the robot is now easier to issue commands and program tasks into it.

Just like the older generation, it does not need any advanced education to learn how to use.

Further, there is an online platform from which one can get updates and training on how to use the robot.

Maintains the best of the older generation robot features

In addition to the new features, the E-series robots still retains the best of the older generation robots. This means that the robots still retain their smooth exterior design and their lightweight making them much easier to move around the factory. It also retains its small compact size to save space and costs on leases.


The E-series robot is an ideal collaborative robot developing to meet new manufacturing requirements from the market. It is already a hit with customers of commercial robots and robots’ enthusiasts. For those manufacturing companies that have not acquired a collaborative robot yet, the E-series is the best collaborative robot that a company can get to revolutionize and automate its manufacturing process.

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