How to Choose a GPS Tracker

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In recent years, the popularity of GPS tracking devices has risen significantly. With the advancement in technology, it is now possible to track anything – including employees, property, or even your loved ones. Generally, you can use GPS-based applications in any industry. The significance of having a GPS tracker is that it offers you real-time location details.

Regardless of your tracking needs, choosing the most appropriate tracker is important. If you are planning to invest in a tracking device, you need to know how a GPS tracker works as well as how to choose the best one.

Here are reliable tips to help you choose the right GPS tracker.

Factors to Consider When Choosing GPS Trackers

1. Passive vs Real-time Tracking

You can opt for passive or real-time GPS tracking system. For the passive system, you will have to download the stored data from a local server while the real-time tracking system captures changes on the go. The choice of the frequency of getting updates on the geographical location or any event changes is informed by your needs, urgency, and sensitivity. Real-time tracking is ideal if you are dealing with a more sensitive aspect that requires instant updates in case of any changes.

2. Affordability

GPS trackers vary significantly in terms of the features and materials. Such variations impact the cost of the tracking device. While advanced features may come at a cost, it is advisable to consider a device that has features that match your tastes and preferences and ones that will help you address your specific needs satisfactorily.

3. Notification and Alerts

Getting notifications and alerts about the tracking metrics is important. However, this feature is only available in the real-time system. Tracking alerts and notifications are often triggered by aspects such as change of geographical location and idling events. With such alerts, you prevent costly and unsafe activities. Unlike the real-time system, the passive system allows you to track your property such as a vehicle whenever it returns to the warehouse.

Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing GPS Trackers

The technology that powers GPS trackers is the same whether you are monitoring a property or an individual’s movement. However, the difference comes in the data transmitted and how it is transmitted and presented. The following are some common mistakes to avoid as you choose a GPS tracker:

1. Inadequate Reporting

The significance of having a GPS tracking solution is its ability to help you make reliable business decisions based on the available report. Flexibility is very important in any tracking solution. If you are looking for a tracker for your vehicle, it is advisable you get one that guarantees you instant reports. The right tracker should offer an easy-to-understand tracking report. For instance, your daily vehicle report should offer details such as speeding violations and routes used.

2. Using a Downloaded Software

The majority of the tracking systems available in the market use proprietary software, which you will need to install in your personal computer. In case of such software, you will be required to upgraded them regularly. However, having the wrong installation can affect the functionality of your device. The most appropriate tracking devices are the ones that offer the tracking functionality safely over the internet.  

3. Tracking System with Outdated Mapping

Quality and reliable mapping is an important feature in any GPS tracking device. For instance, the mapping feature comes with the ability to show the traffic information of the given streets your vehicle is using. Additionally, this feature allows you different views such as the street maps.

The quality of the mapping in your tracker depends on the mapping provider your manufacturer has partnered with. In case of an outdated mapping, chances are high that you will make the wrong decision based on the available data. For instance, if you are tracking a vehicle, you can help the driver avoid traffic by getting real-time alerts on traffic information.

4. Buying from Unreliable Dealers   

There are many dealers of tracking devices all over. While this is an advantage in that you can get a tracker easily, it can be a challenge because a majority of them are not reliable. Before you buy a GPS tracker from any dealer carry out enough research to ensure that they are not only reputable but also deal in quality devices.

5. Choosing Affordability over Efficiency   

Cost is an important aspect to consider when choosing what tracker better suits your needs. However, most people make the mistake of choosing affordability over efficiency. Do not go for any tracker just because it is affordable. Focusing on how the included features work will help you buy a device that addresses your specific needs effectively.

Monitor Your Property with the Best GPS Trackers

Tracking your property is inevitable in the modern world especially with the rising crime rates. With the varieties of trackers available in the market differing on diverse aspects such as cost and features, taking the time to learn more about these devices and the various dealers can help you settle on the best model. Get in touch with Amcrest today if you are looking for a GPS tracker that will serve you well. They are known for having top quality and efficient tracking systems.  

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