Children GPS Locator

The Spanish Company Keruve has recently introduced a locator wristband designed to help parents keep track of their children’s’ whereabouts. Once the child wears the wristband, which is incorporated with a tracker, worried parents can use a highly accurate global positioning system to make sure the child does not go missing. Keruve has made sure the wristband tracker is durable and is impossible to take off without permission.

The new locator band is waterproof, making it durable also in extreme weather conditions. A special tool must be used to remove the locator from one’s wrist – ensuring that children will not ‘escape’ easily. These measures help tighten security, so that the locator wristband is removed only when the parents decide it is no longer necessary.

Although some parents may consider the device as a nuisance for the children, its minimal dimensions (38x50x16mm) and light weight (54 grams) make it appear and feel just like a regular wristband. The device makes used of two positioning systems, one based on GPS and the other based on GSM. The device also includes a clock and an alarm, enabling intransigent parents can set a return time for their children.

According to Keruve, the unit’s Lithium-ion rechargeable battery will supply the necessary power for 3.5 days without recharging, while the locator’s battery should be sufficient for 2 days. Besides tracking children, the new GPS locator could be used for Alzheimer patients, who often get lost. The company has yet to announce the GPS locator’s price.

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More information on Keruve’s GPS tracker can be found on the company’s website (Spanish).

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