Chipolo – the Ultimate Wireless Object Locator

Tend to forget where you put stuff? afraid your dog would get lost? Chipolo is an interesting inexpensive new solution. It can be attached to almost anything you might be looking for (from cats and dogs to your wallet or keys and be easily located from a distance using your smartphone.

Chipolo on a dog - never loose your petChipolo is a new device which uses the very powerful capabilities of the latest Bluetooth 4.0 low power protocol which is now integrated as standard in most mobile devices. Using Chipolo’s free App (for both iOS and Android devices) you can locate your Chipolo tags (you can use several units – each assigned to a specific object). If you are looking for an object and can’t find it nearby you can use the app to make the Chipolo tag connected to the object beep. Now you probably ask yourself what happens if the item you are looking for is your mobile device? Well, the good guys who created this unique device came up with a solution here as well – simply hold you Chipolo and shake it and the mobile device will beep – alerting you to its location.
Although there are quite a few wireless digital item locators on the market, Chipolo does seem to offer quite a few interesting features, including:
  • Android and iOS compatible – the Chipolo is compatible with most Bluetooth 4.0 supported devices on the market (including the iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPad 3rd, 4th generation and Android devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S4).
  • Small and light – Chipolo is said to be the smallest and lightest device of its kind and can defiantly can be put on the leash of almost any pet.
  • Battery/battery life – Chipolo uses an easily replaceable “coin” (CR2025) battery with a battery of 6 months – even if you look for your items every day.
  • Better range – according to its developers, Chipolo outruns its competitors by using a better antenna system to wit a longer range – up to 60 meters or 200 feet.
  • Built in temperature sensor – a unique feature which for example help you locate your lost item by figuring our if its inside or outside.
  • Inexpensive – $24 on Kickstarter ($35 estimated price upon launch).

Chipolo is currently looking for support on Kickstarter and has already raised more than $80 (more than 5 times its intended goal with 17 more days to go).

Chipolo official video

Here on TFOT we covered many previous location related technologies including the children GPS locator by the Spanish Company Keruve, the RoamEO – The GPS Dog Locator, the Loc8tor – which uses RFID technology for locating objects and works up to a range of 180 meters or 600 feet.

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