How Big Is 60 Inch TV: Dimensions In CM, MM & Inch

Considering buying a new 60” television for your home? If yes, you have come to the right place. When it comes to purchasing a new TV, being mindful of the size and design of the television makes a huge difference.

For example, if you buy a 60” TV, you have to cross-check and analyze whether you have enough space to install the TV in your home. This explains why being mindful of the design and the screen size is vital before you finalize the purchase.

To make things easier for you to understand, we will discuss and highlight all you need to know about the how big is 60 inch Tv and the dimensions of a 60” TV for your home.

What is the Average Dimension of a 60 Inch Television?

Dimension of a 60 inch TV

Now that you know how to measure a 60” TV, the next question you have to consider is the dimensions of the television. To be fair, three aspects define an electronic device’s dimension that includes width, depth, and height:

For a 60” TV, here’s a breakdown:

Width – Generally starts from 52” and can go as high as 56”.

Height – Generally starts from 30” and can go as high as 34”.

Depth – Generally starts from 2” and can go as high as 4”.

Kindly keep in mind that the dimensions that we have mentioned here are estimates and averages. The numbers will vary depending on the individual models of television that you are working with.

Dimension ElementsIn CMIn MMIn Inches

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What are the Steps to Calculate the Screen Size of a Television?

Firstly, what determines the screen size of a television? Is it the length of the TV, the height of the TV, or the distance between the TV and you?

This is a common question that most people have. So, how do you measure a television’s screen size?

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Start by placing your television on a flat surface to make the measuring process more accessible.
  • Take a measuring tape or a ruler (if you have one long enough to measure the screen size).
  • Then, place one end of the measuring tape on one corner of the TV and measure until the other corner of the TV (diagonally).
  • When measuring the TV from corner to corner, you only want to consider the TV’s ” screen ” and exclude the bezels.
  • Once done, the measurement you get is your television’s screen size. If you have bought a 60” TV, it should measure 60” from one corner to the other.

What is the Ideal Viewing Distance for 60 Inch Televisions?

Viewing Distance for 60 Inch Televisions

With the basic information about the dimensions out of the way, you need to determine the viewing distance.

How far from the television should you be sat for comfort and vision safety? We have tried to break down a few essential pointers that you need to keep in mind:

  • If you have an ultra-HD 60” TV, you must sit 1.5 times away from the television.
  • If you have an HD 60” TV, you must sit three times away from the television.
  • If you have a standard definition 60” TV, you must sit six times away from the television.

Irrespective of the TV resolution, we’d recommend that you maintain a safe distance that won’t strain your eyes. At the end of the day, this is what you need to focus on.

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How High Should One Mount the 60” Television?

60 inch TV hanging on the wall

Now that you have a good idea about the viewing distance, the next thing you need to focus on is the mounting distance from the floor. How high up should you mount the TV?

If you install your television in the living room, where you will sit on the sofa to watch the TV, the average mounting distance should be 42” above the ground. This covers the sofa’s height and ensures the television is at eye level.

Overall, this is an average number or calculation. You can tweak and switch things up based on what you think would be an ideal choice for you and your seating comfort.

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What Is the Ideal Room Size for a 60” TV?

When installing a 60” television in your bedroom, you must also consider the size of the room. You don’t want things to look overcrowded.

So, when determining the room size for your 60” TV, you need to focus on the viewing distance. Let us explain with numbers for easier understanding.

For a 4K resolution 60” TV, the viewing distance is between 44-176 inches so that you can do the math accordingly. On average, a room 8 feet by 8 feet in dimension is considered ideal. If you are hiring a professional to spruce up the look and feel of the space, we’d recommend that you ask them for recommendations, too.

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What are The Reasons to Prioritize the Screen Size of a TV?

The TV screen size matters in several aspects. From analyzing the expansive viewing experience to the visual details, the screen size prioritizes several factors.

Following are a few reasons that define why the screen size of the TV matters:

Viewing experience – If you want an engaging viewing experience, you have to prioritize getting your hands on a TV with a relevant screen size.

Resolution and image detail – Another factor that defines the need to prioritize screen size is the resolution and image detailing. When you have a larger TV, like a 60” variant, you want to get your hands on ones with finer image details for better viewing pleasure.

Less strain on the eyes – A proper television screen size also puts less strain on the eyes and ensures comfort, even when you are watching the shows for a longer duration.

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When mounting a 60” TV on the wall, what is the ideal height?

When installing a 60” TV on the wall, you want to ensure it is in your direct view. For that, 26” height from the ground is considered ideal.

What is the ideal viewing distance from the TV?

If you want a comfortable viewing experience, the ideal distance between the TV and the sofa or from where you are watching should be six times the television’s height. Regarding numbers, a 5-7 feet distance seems like a big difference.

Is it worth investing in a 60” TV?

Ideally, this depends on what your requirements are. For example, if you have a room with ideal dimensions to fit a 60” TV, you can purchase one. However, you might have to reconsider your choices if you have a tiny room with limited space.


Buying a 60” television comes with a lot of factors and considerations. You must cross-check the room’s size and compare that with the television’s dimensions. Doing so enables you to pick a TV fitted for your room and the kind of environment you have in your room. Also, you have to maintain an optimum distance between you and your television.

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