How Big Is A 32 Inch TV: Dimensions, Size, And Price

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32 Inch TV

TVs are typically measured diagonally and in terms of screen size. It also depends on the room size where you want to put your television.

You can choose the size of your television based on your needs.

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Have you ever considered purchasing a 32-inch television and wondered, “How big is a 32-inch one?”

The answer is simple: the size of a 32-inch television depends on its dimensions.

Many manufacturers and models produce 32-inch televisions. Each has its dimensions and variations. 

So, just stay tuned till the end to know the accurate size you need!!

Dimensions Of A 32 Inch TV 

It is easy to measure the size of a television if you know its depth, breadth, and height.

  • Measure the thickness of a television from front to back to estimate its depth. The TV’s height is measured from top to bottom.
  • Finally, the width of the television is measured from edge to edge. Width can also be measured from one side to the other.

What About Modern TVs? 

Modern televisions on the market are slimmer than older ones. 

  • A 32-inch television is typically 2 to 3 inches thick.
  • Their dimensions are 3 inches thick, 29 inches broad, and 17 inches tall.

There could be minor differences in the statistics, but the depth of the TV with the stand is around 8 inches.

Let’s Take Some Examples:- 

  • The dimensions of the Samsung Q604 are 28.47 “width,” 6.07 “depth,” and 18.20 “height.” 
  • Without the stand, it is 28.47″ wide, 1.17″ deep, and 16.7″ tall.

However, the 32-inch television size is measured by the screen size. So, when we take diagonal dimensions, we get the screen size!! 

An Important Expert Note:

  • Considering measures with the stand, the 32-inch TVs are 15.41 in-depth, 47.75 in height and 72.31 in width in centimeters.
  • Similarly, a 32-inch television without a stand is 2.97 inches deep, 42.54 inches tall, and 72.31 inches wide.

How Does A 32-Inch TV Look Like In A Room? 

32-Inch TV Look Like In A Room
  • A 32-inch television is not overly large. These televisions are best suited for a small kitchen, living room, or apartment.
  • As we all know, the height of a 32-inch television is 15.7 inches. As a result of the television’s dimensions, a 32-inch television is mostly appropriate for tiny places.

Position Of Your TV

Positioning your television is critical since it determines the view from which you can watch television.

Setting your television in a location where you cannot conveniently watch it is not a good idea. If that’s so, the television will not give satisfactory results. 

Experience stunning visuals and immersive entertainment with a TCL smart TV, seamlessly integrated into the sleek design of a 32-inch display, offering impressive dimensions, size, and affordability.

What Factors To Consider? 

  • If you have been making critical notes while purchasing a television, you must consider the location of your television. 
  • The placement of your television is determined by the available space and the furnishings in your room.
  • Examining the room and choosing which TV size will work with the furnishings is also critical.

The viewing angle would be affected by the TV’s location. We hope you now realize the importance of properly placing the television. And additionally, it saves your neck!!

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Size Of Your TV According To The Available Space In Room 

When you compare the size of your room to the size of the TV you want to buy, choosing one becomes simple. You can easily determine whether a 32-inch screen is a good fit for you.

1. Good Angles For A 32 Inch TV 

  • 32-inch flat-screen televisions are no longer the standard size. However, many choose it because of its mobility and resolution for tiny places, such as small bedrooms, kitchens, doms, or trailers. 
  • Before purchasing a 32-inch TV, research popular measurements and specs to provide the best experience and fit for your home and viewers.

2. Dimensions By Brand 

The sizes of various television names are measured diagonally rather than horizontally from the viewable side of the screen. 

  • The television’s width, height, and depth are other factors in its size. A 32-inch TV will typically have dimensions of 28′′ x 16.5′′ or less.

This is not to say that all 32-inch televisions are the same. 

  • They differ according to brand, thickness, material, and model.

3. Here are some samples of 32-inch television sizes from popular brands.

  • 6.1 by 28.5 by 18.8 inches for Samsung
  • Sony- 6.9 x 29 x 19 in.
  • Hisense measures 3.4 by 28.3 by 16.9 inches.
  • Scepter measures 7.94 by 28.78 by 18.34 inches.
  • TCL measures 7.1 by 28.8 by 19.1 inches.
  • 8.15 by 28.86 by 19.02 inches insignia
  • Vizio- 7.04 x 28.88 x 19.49 in.

Viewing Distance

This is the distance between the television and the viewer, and it can help you decide whether your 32-inch television is a good fit for your home. 

32-inch television

Knowing the proper viewing distance also aids in the reduction of eye strain and headaches.

  • Multiply the height of your television by three to obtain a general idea. 
  • This depends on whether you compute the height with or without the stand. 
  • According to experts, the ideal viewing distance for a 32-inch screen is 1.3 to 1.5 meters (4.5 to 5 feet).

This distance will vary depending on the resolution of your television. 

  • The closer you can sit to your television without seeing pixelated images, the better the resolution. 
  • The majority of 32-inch TVs feature a 1080p resolution. For smaller TVs, such as a 32-inch model, 4K capabilities should not be a worry because the visual difference between 4K and HD or Full HD is extremely thin and frequently not discernible with the naked eye.

Price Of A 32 Inch TV 

If you are concerned about money and want a less expensive television. Your objective would be to find the finest television at the lowest possible price.

  • A 32-inch television is typically less expensive than larger televisions. As a result, 32-inch televisions are more affordable. 

The major cost of a television is the resolution or smart functionality. 

  • High-resolution televisions are, without question, more costly. 
  • A 32-inch TV may potentially lack several Smart features compared to other TVs. However, this does not imply that a 32-inch TV is poor quality.

So, If all your needs are met, then a 32-inch TV is an excellent choice!! 

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If you want to buy a 32-inch television, you need to know its measurements to ensure it will fit in the necessary space.

A widespread myth is that all 32-inch televisions are the same size. This is not the case because they differ based on your chosen model and brand.

There are several TV size to distance calculator avialable online that you can use to calculate optimal viewing distance from your TV to have a great experience.

Furthermore, the screen will be smaller than the real size of the television, including the frame.

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