How to Lift TV by Yourself

21st century became the time of entertainment, which consequently arrived with the invention of ultra slim TV screens. Say “No more” for bulky old-fashioned TV in your house. Use services of Progressive Automation and change your rest place or kitchen forever. Now every house owner wishing to transform his favorite TV into something Optimus Prime-alike can use tools developed by our company and make it hide behind a console or bureau. An innovative approach of Progressive Automation and only the best products of the automation market allow nowadays to make with TV screen everything you have ever dreamt off. Put it on the wall and make it sliding up & down? – Not a problem actually.- Make it slip away through the ceiling? – A piece of cake.

A mountain of benefits is what a drop-down TV lift is capable to offer you. First of all, it saves spaces, makes the house look more advanced and keep up with time. Secondly, the drop-down TV mechanism improves picture visibility as you can adjust the height of the monitor and chose the best spectator point, which creates less stress on your eyes, eliminates all possible discomfort of inappropriate heigh of the TV screen. These advantages can not be overestimated. Our comfort is first of all our eyes – vigilant and healthy.

A wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted TV is a beautiful thing. However, it is strongly recommended to do the installation process carefully to avoid fatal consequences. Make sure your TV won’t topple over and hurt someone with its weight and dimensions. A botched mounting and installation of the 12v linear electric actuator system for TV lift pose a serious risk from having a crooked picture and to both a broken leg or broken TV screen.

TV screen can be mounted in two ways. Either the owner can decide to make everything by his own hands, or pay money to professionals who know how to factor together all the details and mount the screen efficiently. Nevertheless, many happy new owners neglect the services of knowledgeable professionals or decide to save money for good. To make everything right one should include the weight of his television, the type of mount corresponding with his TV’s manufacturer.

Another parameter that has to be taken into account is the distance between the wall studs, detailed plans of cords hidden in the walls. Taking into account everything in the installation process will sum up what tools you have to have to use when trying to install the drop-down TV lift by yourself. Definitely if only you don’t want to shorten the process and pay a professional for this work to be done.

Mounting the TV lift requires a variety of tools: power drill, bits, stud finder, level,  socket wrench, cable-wire tester, screwdriver, and so on. Some of the above-mentioned require a certain level of confidence, patience, and surely some good skills to use that equipment.

In addition, knowing how to use the electric drill is one thing, but lifting a heavy TV and tightening the screws at the same time undoubtedly requires two pair of strong hands unless you are a circus-trained virtuoso capable of doing unbelievable tricks. DIY projects at home require extra help of a friend or a family member. Troubleshooting is always easier when there is somebody to deal with the heaviest part of the work.

Planning beforehand is the key to success when lifting and mounting a TV on your own because a single mistake can lead to injuries in the back, neck, wrists, elbows and knees. It is always better to overdo it with the planning and safety so you can avoid any injuries. It’s also important that you look out for any signs of muscle strain or tearing in the days after putting the TV up because the pain may not start immediately. If you notice pain around your back, neck or shoulders, you should do some simple stretches for neck pain and see if that makes a difference. If the pain persists, see a doctor because you may have done some serious damage. 

Putting up your own TV can be dangerous, but as long as you plan carefully and understand the risks, you will be able to manage it. Once you are finished, you just need to hook it up to the antenna and start watching.  Check here for the best TV antennas.

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