InAir Lets You Watch TV & Access Information Minority Report Style

Prepare to have a mind blowing experience with the latest introduction – InAir. InAir can be described as technology that lets the consumer watch augmented reality television.

Three people were instrumental in conceptualizing, devising methods and eventually bringing this technology to life – Dale Herigstad, Nam Do and Anne-Marie Roussel. Dale Herigstad, one of the co-founders, has been part of the television industry for decades now. Nam Do made a name for himself in the field of technology and helped to bring many of the features that were once considered part of science fiction, to life. Anne-Marie Roussel played an important role as a fund raiser and investor in this project. They have set up a page to ensure that they get funding to manufacture and market the roll out of this new technology. Many of the people involved in the testing phase were impressed with the concept, ease of use and all the possibilities that InAir brings to the television watching experience.

What is InAir and how does it work?

InAir can be described as a plug in 3D user interface which works with 3D or 2D TVs. The technology is based on concepts which were featured in the movie Minority Report, starring Tom Cruise. Used with a 3D TV, InAir brings specific program related content and projects it in front of the screen. Information thus presented can be manipulated by hand or even using controls like one’s iPhone to either be repeated or forwarded. Information is presented holographically and it makes for easy watching. Another tool that can be used to manipulate information is called the Kinect.

Augmented reality television-Inair (Credit: seespace.co)

Augmented reality television-Inair (Credit: seespace.co)

Those watching TV don’t to turn away from the event in progress – they can interactively pull up information about their favorite personalities, games, educational program s and so on from different sources, for example the Internet or specific websites which offer in depth information on the topics at hand. The reason the technology gets its name is because of the clean graphics, seamless animation and layering that it creates a rich and memorable experience. The interface was deliberately designed so that users can use gestures to get information and work accomplished.

InAir technology uses an HDMI cable to connect the cable box and TV. It connects to the existing wifi system; it can be termed “plug and play”. Bolstered by intelligent technology, InAir gathers relevant content from social media and other sites and presents them in an understandable format to viewers. Information gathering is done regardless of the content being watched – documentaries, sports, news programs, movies and even infomercials. Navigation and set up are so simple that it can be done in a snap.

Currently, the company is looking for more funding to take this to the next stage and bring it to the market. It is a fact that InAir is one of a kind technology which will revolutionize the TV watching experience. Key partners are already in place for manufacturing and supply channels. Read more about this exciting technology and watch videos to get an idea of what InAir is all about.


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