Reasons Why Watching Movies Is Actually Good For You

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Let’s admit it. Laughter is indeed one of the best medicines, and movies are a good source of it. In fact, at times even crying helps you lower your anxiety levels. So, shedding a few tears on a climax scene while watching a movie might actually be a relief for your mental stress. Be it laughter or tears, they both are responses to frustration. The point is that films can save you on a psychological level. Some psychologists think that movies might also act as a therapy to reduce stress levels. It begins with choosing the right cable TV service for yourself. For instance, subscribing to Cox cable plans will give you more movie channels to play around with, and can help you enjoy more quality entertainment. Watching positive movies can help you develop a better perspective on life and boost your self-esteem. Let’s explore the reasons why watching movies is actually good for you.

Re-watching Movies

Re-watching your favorite movies can relax your brain. It also helps in promoting a more positive outlook on life and connects you to your friends and family in a better way. 


It largely depends on your choice of movies, because the right title can inspire you to be a better person. We are often so moved by a strong and emotional storyline, which compels us to rethink our perspective on various truths of life. At times, it also helps us to create a positive outlook on life.

Effect on Emotional Intelligence

Watching a good documentary or a thought-provoking movie can help you boost your emotional intelligence. They may also trigger empathy and various emotions like hope, aspirations, or even fears. They also make us think about certain issues that we do not often think about. 

Source of Escape

We all need a timeout off and on. There are moments when a lot is going on in our lives and things get on our nerves to such an extent that we need an escape for a while. This helps us to think sanely again. What could be a better escape than watching a nice movie with beautiful people and places or a fantasy movie with fairies, elves, and monsters? They are indeed therapeutic and distract your mind for good, taking you on a journey to another world. Who does not love getting lost in the magical world of Harry Potter, a place where you can cast spells and make wishes come true as well?

Source of Joy

Our brain derives pleasure from thrilling or romantic stories, and even the ones that require resolving conflicts. So, watching movies is an instant source of joy for us. It works as a tool of catharsis by releasing stress, keeping our brains busy in solving a mystery, or feeling euphoric by watching someone being saved from trouble. 

Pushes our Imagination

Some of the fantastic stories help expand our imagination and minds to better adapt to change or deal with reality. The success of superhero films like the Star Wars series or Avengers is proof that we enjoy pushing our imagination and witnessing the fight for glory against evil. We want to imagine that another world exists and that sky is the limit. So, it is such movies that develop a connection between different hypothetical views of life and the worlds that might be existing out there. 

Role Models 

We love idealizing strong fictional characters that are empowering, virtuous, and brave. We aspire to be stronger and braver just like them. Nowadays, we especially see films where women are shown dealing with the difficulties of life robustly and not giving up. This gives us hope and inspiration to deal with the mess in our lives in a braver way. Movies are based on real lives and stories too. So, they are often relatable. Sometimes, we watch a movie so relatable to the challenges in our lives that it helps us deal with them in a better way from a different perspective. 

Embracing Changes and Fighting Hard Times

Though none of us would want to witness something like the end of the world or a zombie apocalypse, movies do prepare us psychologically for hard times or sudden devastating events that happen out of the blue. Watching fictional characters deal with the chaos and overcoming it can be motivating and helpful. Above all, they make us believe that bad times eventually end and are followed by good times that lie ahead. 

Wrapping Up

Movies are a source of escapism and joy. They incite laughter and often heal us by providing some good motivation and boosting our emotional intelligence. 

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