The Future of Personal Theater Is In The Glyph

The Glyph is the newest product in the personal theater market – a head mounted display which can be used on the move. Avegant, the developer of this phenomenal product, is trying to bring it to market and is raising funds through the Kickstarter website. End users can expect to see sharp images as the technology powering the headphones solves the issue of low quality images by using “Virtual Retinal Display”.

This technology was developed by a group of engineers who wanted to put a perfect pair of headphones with the best technology on the market. Dr. Evans is the chief technology officer who came up with ideas while working on government projects. Dr. Welch and Edward Tang, VP of Engineering and CEO worked together to come up with the prototypes. This group of talented individuals have great connections in the manufacturing sector and are also working closely with electrical engineers around the US.

(Credit: avegant & kickstarter)

(Credit: avegant & kickstarter)


What sets the Glyph apart?

The Glyph, which made its debut at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show in January, looks like a regular pair of headphones. When the user flips the headband down, it turns into a totally new product. All that one needs to use it is a simple HDMI cable and connect it any device for the experience of a lifetime. These headphones are the best for gamers and it works seamlessly with different platforms – mobile phones, PlayStation or anything else. It has an integrated head tracker which takes the concept of interactive gaming, imagery and storytelling to a different level. What makes the Glyph the perfect device is that it contains an accelerometer, 3-axis gyro and a digital magnetometer which allows for great tracking when one is playing games.

Features of the Glyph:

It offers very sharp images, noise cancelling audio headphones and the best feature of these headphones is that they can be used with all kinds of electronics. All one needs is an HDMI cable. With technology which can get a 360°panoramic view, imagine being able to watch movies and see all aspects of a setting.

It is feather light at 16 oz. with a battery life of 3 hours for video and 48 hours for audio. The display assembly is made up of arrays of micromirrors and over 1.8 million pixels for ultra sharp images. Users can expect (1280X720) WXGA resolution per eye and a 45°field of view, horizontal. The contrast is less than 1000:1. The audio aspect of the headphones offers premium stereo sound and frequencies ranging from 20-20000 Hz and 115 dB. The headphones also have a built in microphone and connectivity is possible with HDMI or TRRS cables. As far as headtracking is concerned, one can get 9 DOF output with either Bluetooth or hardwiring. No glasses are required. Check the site for detailed specifications and what the headphones capabilities are.

The Glyph (Credit: avegant & kickstarter)

The Glyph (Credit: avegant & kickstarter)

The company developing this product is using the Kickstarter website to try for funding from public sources and has been surprised that their fundraising efforts have paid off richly with 2 more weeks to go. The company has managed to raise over $800,000 for manufacturing and rolling the prototypes to the market. What investors will receive is a Glyph beta pair of headphones which has been subjected to rigorous testing and retooling for fit and comfort. Optics will also be worked on to accommodate all kinds of eye issues. Also check out Gamespot for insights into the future of the Glyph and its demand.

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