How Big is 55 Inch TV?: 55-inch TV Dimensions

What is the size of a 55-inch television? When shopping for a television, this is the information you might want to know the most!! To answer such questions at once, you must first know the dimensions of the TV you are interested in. 

55-inch TV Dimensions

Learning From The Blog

The first thing you should think about is how the TV is measured. You should know that TVs(LEDs, OLEDs) are measured in diagonal inches. Some individuals incorrectly assume that the manufacturer fixes the width of the TV, but this is not the case. 

So, How To Read Manufacturers’ Instructors?

The diagonal dimension of a 55-inch television is 55 inches. 

The diagonal size of the TV is rounded to the nearest integer. If the TV screen is 55.4 inches, the size will be described as 55 inches, and similarly, 54.5 inches will be specified as 55 inches.

55-Inch TV Dimensions In Centimeters ( Height, Length)

In simple terms, the diagonal of 55 inches in cm is 139.7. How did we come up with this figure? 

  • To convert from centimeters to inches, multiply 2.54 by 55, 139.7. Because one inch equals 2.54 centimeters.

How Do I Calculate The Height And Length Of A 55-inch TV? 

A 55-inch television’s diagonal is 139.7 cm in the metric system.

One inch = 2.54 cm or 254 mm, readily transferred from one measuring system to another. As a result, the formula for converting 55 inches is 552.54=139.7 cm.

The calculations continue; depending on the format, you need to determine the length and height of the screen. They correspond to the following ratios: 

  • 16:9 – Most frequent in TVs and monitors
  • 16:10Laptop screens, widescreen displays
  • 21:9 – Extremely rare ultra-widescreen televisions

In the example of a 16:10 format, the ratio signifies that the length is 16 parts and the height is 10. (This abstract notion is only a representation of proportions). In other words, the length exceeds the height by 1.6 times.

Considering The Width And Height Of A 55-inch Television.

You’d be surprised to know that the width and height of every 55-inch LED need to be more consistent. It depends on how it fits diagonally. It is more significant in certain TVs and minor in others; for example, the width in OLEDs because the OLED display is glued on. 

Calculating Dimensions In Detail

55-inch Television Dimensions

The Width Of 55-Inch Diagonal TV 

If you consider the screen, the width of a 55-inch TV is 48 inches or 122 cm. The width of the frame around the screen is around 48.1-48.6 inches or 122.1-123.4 cm, depending on the model of the TV.

Height Of A 55 Inch TV

A 55-inch TV’s height can be measured in two ways: with and without a stand. 

  • If the TV has legs, it is mainly for tiny TVs with up to 55 inches diagonals. 
  • If the TV is larger, it is frequently put on a stand in the center of the room. If the TV is placed on the wall, the size of the stand is irrelevant.

Frame Of A 55 Inch TV 

It is vital to note that the bottom of the TV always has a massive frame that holds the control buttons, joystick, and speakers. The size of the TV stand varies from model to model, so check the specs to find out the precise measurements.

  • A 55-inch TV is 27 inches (68.5 cm) tall without the frame.
  • The height of the frame will be roughly 27.7-28.5 inches (70-71 cm).
  • Finally, if a stand supports the TV, its height will be 29-31 inches (73-78 cm).

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Determining Viewing Distance

Some television manufacturers created criteria for the best viewing distance for their products. Several factors determine this distance, including how much of your vision the screen should take up and how much space the eyes need to recognize the picture on the screen.

A longer viewing distance is used for movies to enhance the sensation of a theatrical experience, whilst tighter viewing distances allow for better control of items such as video games or desktop PCs. Users can enhance their experience and control by selecting the optimum viewing distance based on what is being watched or utilized.

Tv Viewing Distance

The ideal viewing distance for a 55-inch TV is approximately 7.7 feet. However, People should remember that this guidance is only an estimate. To discover your best viewing distance, start approximately 7.7 feet away and wander around until you find the right distance. 

Consider the finest conference room TV, which is a suitable size for such situations if you need a TV for many people to see, either for leisure or for business presentations during meetings. If you have a larger sitting area, see how broad a 65-inch TV is and keep in mind the TV size versus the distance you will be sitting away from it.

Thickness Of A 55″ TV

Although contemporary technology, notably OLED, has made ultra-thin displays conceivable, attaching them to the wall has yet to be practical. It is doable, but removing them without damaging them is challenging. As a result, all TV screens are housed in a sturdy casing. The power unit and the main board, which has many ports (HDMI, antenna input, and USB), are also housed in the enclosure. 

The kind of display determines the thickness of the TV; LED and QLED panels are the thickest; thus, the TV will be thicker. OLED televisions are more compact.

LED TV thickness

The thickness of LED TVs is determined by the screen matrix. It also depends on the plant where the displays are manufactured. Some factories were developed 15-20 years ago, as well as modern factories. Technology has advanced, and newer factories are producing thinner displays. 

On the other hand, changing manufacturing techniques is very hard; therefore, if displays built-in outdated factories are used for the TV, the TV will be thicker.

The thickness of QLED TVs

Contrary to popular belief, QLEDs are the same as LEDs but employ newer materials. QLED displays are manufactured in both ancient and modern plants.

OLED TV thickness

OLED screens are thin; the thickness of these TVs is controlled by the requirement to fit the mount and the ports used to connect the TV.

55 Inch Dimensions To Feet

Some people are used to measuring in feet; therefore, here are the measurements of a 55-inch TV in feet.

  • A diagonal of 55 inches equals 4.58 feet.
  • A 55-inch is 4 feet in length (width).
  • The 55-inch television stands 2.33 feet tall.
  • The 55-inch TV has a thickness (depth) of 0.1-0.2 feet.

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We hope we have answered all the essential questions regarding 55-inch TV dimensions. You can now be more thoughtful about where you place the TV in your house. 

We have showcased calculations and given all the details so you can make the right decision for yourself and your family. So have fun shopping!! 

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