World’s Thinnest LCD TV

LG Display has recently announced the production of the world’s thinnest LCD television. The company’s new line of products consists of TV sets with the thickness of a mere 5.9 millimeters.

Currently LG Display is offering televisions sized at 42- and 47-inches. Both models use LG’s edge-lit LED backlight system. In comparison, most of today’s display systems use Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp (CCFL). It is thanks to this new technology that LG was able to realize a panel thickness of 5.9mm.

Another technology involved in this development is LG Display’s LGS (Light Guide Sheet) technology, which enabled the company to reduce by more than half the thickness of the Light Guide Plate (LGP), whose function is to change the direction of light beams. As a result of such thickness reduction, the TV sets’ weight has been decreased as well; the 42” model weighs only 6.1kg and the 47” model weighs 7.3kg. Similar in size, conventional CCFL-backlit products are almost twice these weights.

According to LG, the novel displays can reproduce a rich range of natural-looking colors with color saturation level of 80 percent (NTSC). In order to eliminate motion blur, the company has implemented its 120Hz technology with a motion picture response time (MPRT) of 8ms. According to LG, who has yet to reveal any pricing information, both models will support full HD (1920X1080) resolution.

“The development of the world’s slimmest LCD TV panel demonstrates our leading edge-lit LED backlight technology that enables thinner designs in addition to our direct-lit type LED backlight assembly which delivers superior picture quality” – said LG Display’s CTO and Executive Vice-President Chung In-Jae.

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For more information about the thinnest LCD TV, see LG Display’s press release.

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