Sharp’s 108-Inch LCD

Sharp Corporation recently introduced the world’s largest LCD display, measuring 108 inches. The new display will be available for business and commercial applications, but currently, only a limited number of monitors will be provided. One of the first buyers of the huge LCD is the Shinjuku Piccadilly Cinema Complex, which is one of Tokyo’s premier multiplex movie theaters.

The new screen has the maximum size that a single 8th-generation glass substrate (2,160 x 2,460 mm) manufactured at Kameyama Plant No. 2 can yield. The large display can be useful for displaying images to many people in wide interior spaces. The input variety is quite standard and includes HDMI and DVI-I connectors. In order to minimize noise and dust intake (which tends to shorten the device’s life) a fan-less design was used.

The monitor’s first buyer, Shinjuku Piccadilly, will be one of Tokyo’s premiere multiplex cinemas. It is being built under the concept of a “pure-white theater” with a predominant design theme of brilliant, immaculate white. The entrance lobby features a huge, open-ceiling foyer extending from the 1st floor to the 3rd floor. In the center of the 3rd floor’s lobby, the 108V-inch LCD monitor will be set, facing the open foyer. This setting is optimal for exhibiting the monitor’s features, which include wide viewing angles (176 degrees vertical and horizontal) and (relatively) high contrast (1200:1 ratio), making on-screen images visible even in bright locations.

Sharp considers the LB1085 to be the flagship LCD monitor for commercial applications, but are not yet ready to deliver many units. According to their announcement, in the near future, they will mount a full-fledged effort to accept orders for this model. Furthermore, the current plans are to expand sales beyond the local (Japanese) market and sell the monitor in the international market.

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For more information on Sharp’s 108-inch monitor, see Sharp’s website.

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