World’s Largest LCD TV – 108 Inch

This 108-inch mammoth is the largest LCD TV ever made, which is manufactured by Sharp and currently on display in Cebit 2007. The screen, measures 93.9-inches wide by 52.9-inches high, uses 8th generation glass substrates which enables to produce LCD TVs in sizes ranging from 13-inches to super-large sizes like the 108-inch. It uses TFT active-matrix drive and has 2.07 million pixels (1,920 x 1,080 pixels).

Sharp has already broken a few other records in the LCD field. It developed the world’s first 14-inch color TFT LCD TV in 1988, introduced the first 45-inch model in 2004 and the first 65-inch LCD TV. But size isn’t the only thing that matters, Sharp also offered better image quality by achieving a resolution that is four times higher than that of current HD (4096 x 2160) and the world’s highest contrast ratio (1,000,000:1).

Although Sharp has yet to officially release the price, weight and availability of the wonder, the rumors say it will carry an $80,000 price tag, weigh 500KG and will be commercially available this summer.

More inforamtion can be found on Sharp’s website.

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