57-inch Waterproof Television

The UK Company Aquavision recently unveiled a new 57″ LCD in-wall waterproof television at the ISE Show that took place in Amsterdam in late January, 2008. The AVF 57-4LCD offers a full HD resolution screen and heated screen areas specially designed for the bathroom’s wet and humid conditions. All you need is a sufficiently big bathroom wall, and you can keep watching TV even while taking a shower. This waterproof television can also be integrated in the kitchen and living room, and even in swimming pools and saunas.

The AVF 57-4LCD is the newest addition to the Aquavision‘s Series 4. To prevent the screen from misting up as a result of the humid and cold environment, the units feature heated screen areas. A new feature in series 4 is the RS232 control port, compatible with most home automation control systems, which enables the user to control the TV from a compatible touch panel anywhere in the home.

The 57″ waterproof television offers both analogue and digital tuners and features a component video, S-Video and PC input, full SCART connection, built in games, two HDMI inputs that feed the 1920 x1080 full HD resolution screen, and an infra red pass through, which enables control of other equipment.

Thanks to the Mirrorvision finish, when the TV is turned off it resembles a mirror, making it a natural addition to any bathroom. The waterproof television also comes with a master remote control and a waterproof remote, allowing the user to operate the TV and change channels even in the middle of a bath.

TFOT recently covered the MAGIC MIRROR, which can change from serving as a reflective mirror to serving as an LCD display screen, and vice-versa. Whether mounted on a wall or free-standing, the mirror/monitor can be easily integrated into kitchen cabinets, bathroom mirrors, and bedroom furniture. TFOT also reported on a mirror with a talking avatar that pops-up to notify you each time something happens around the house, and reported on the world’s largest digital picture frame – the 32″ SP3200, which was presented in CES 2008.

More information about the AVF57-4LCD can be found here.

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