Magic Mirror – Mirrors of the Future

With Ad Notam’s Mirror Image LCD Engine, an ordinary mirror is transformed into a fully integrated TV monitor. The MAGIC MIRROR can change from serving as a reflective mirror to serving as an LCD display screen, and vice-versa. Whether mounted on a wall or free-standing, the mirror/monitor can be easily integrated into kitchen cabinets, bathroom mirrors, and bedroom furniture. It is also suitable for use in public spaces like offices or shopping centers. Another interesting option is integrating MAGIC MIRROR into elevators, making the elevator ride a lot more interesting.

Crystal Mirror is basically a regular mirror, with clear glass in front and an LCD display screen instead of the usual back side silvering. Ad Notam used proprietary mirror technology in order to conceal the MIRROR IMAGE LCD display monitor when it is switched off. The LCD engine can also be integrated with painted glass surfaces and designed glass.

The 15″ MIRROR IMAGE LCD monitor is less than 1.5″ thick, making it slim enough to be easily integrated into almost any surface. The sharp picture is achieved by using a flush fitted monitor D.O.G mounting system, which enables installing the monitor directly behind the glass surface, without any gaps. In addition, the mechanism is silent and has low power consumption rates, since no ventilation is required.

Unlike generic IR transmitters, Ad Notam’s receiver and remote control can penetrate mirror and glass surfaces. MIRROR IMAGE can operate in relatively harsh environments, making it suitable for bathrooms as well. It is protected against humidity by a special casing and has low voltage monitors (DC 12V or 24V) and rated IP X4.

Among the different available MIRROR IMAGE models are the SQ line – a cost efficient single input model with numerous potential applications, the FP line – a high-quality multifunction flush fitted monitor equipped with FBAS, RGB, and DVI signal inputs, the TV line – a high-end multifunctional flush fitted monitor solution, and the PC line – integrated with a small PC.

Ad Notam showcased several of its products at the recent CES 2008 Exhibition in Las Vegas, Nevada, where the above image was taken by the TFOT crew.

In 2007, TFOT covered a mirror with a talking avatar that pops-up to notify you each time something happens around the house. TFOT also covered the first commercial OLED TV model to go on sale, opening the way to a possible revolution in the flat panel display market, which until now included only LCD and Plasma based devices.

More information on the MIRROR IMAGE device is available on Ad Notam’s website.

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