World’s Largest Digital Picture Frame

Smartparts, a pioneer in digital picture frame products, recently unveiled the world’s largest digital picture frame – the 32″ SP3200. The SP3200, presented in the CES 2008, displays images and videos with sounds on its 16:9 widescreen LCD panel in a 1366×768 resolution. Optimizing and resizing images to fit the frame can be done easily using the included Smartparts’ advanced OptiPix Pro software. The SP3200 should be a nice addition to any wall as long as you are willing to spend the $900 price tag.

The SP3200 accepts all types of memory cards, including memory stick (MS), secure digital (SD) and compact flash (CF). In addition, it can playback video with sound, including MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, WMA, and AVI files.

Controlling the frame can be done either directly from the SP3200 or by using the RF remote control, which has an operating range of over 100 feet, providing easy access to the frame’s interface and settings even from a distance. This option allows the frame to be hung wherever its owner wishes for it to be, without worrying about having to reach.

The included Smartparts’ advanced OptiPix Pro software provides an easy, convenient way to transfer pictures from the computer to the frame without altering the original photo. The software creates copies of the original photo, which are optimized and transferred it to be displayed in the digital picture frame, leaving the original photo unchanged.

Using this software also enables the user to convert and transfer PowerPoint slides, PDF files, and most picture and graphic files directly to the SP3200. In addition, the OptiPix Pro’s specially programmed algorithms enable users to crop their images to fit the 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio of the frame without stretching them.

In 2006, TFOT covered Digital-Spectrum’s Memory Frame MF-8104 Premium – an updated model of a multi-function wireless digital picture frame that has a 10” TFT LCD screen with 800×400 resolution. This device can be used for photo display, plays MP3 and WMA music files via internal stereo speakers for slide show accompaniment, and can even play MPEG-4 movies. TFOT also reported on a glass rear projection screen that hangs in the middle of a room giving the illusion of a 3D image created by projected light passing through the glass.

Information on Smartparts’ digital picture frames can be found on their website.

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