Holographic HDTV Screen

The Uber-Graph will be produced as a limited edition glass HDTV screen by the UberCoolHome Company. Though marketed as a Holographic display, it’s actually a glass rear projection screen that hangs in the middle of a room giving the illusion of a 3D image created by projected light passing through the glass.

The 3D effect can hardly compete with more advanced technologies for creating 3D images like Actuality Systems’ Perspecta Spatial 3D System.

The Uber-Graph actually has a relatively poor viewing angle compared to modern LCD screens – only 100 degrees – meaning you basically have to sit across from the screen to see well. If the poor viewing angle doesn’t stop you, maybe the price of the new Uber-Graph will – 000 ($28,455). Only 100 units will be produced and the first one is already on sale at e-bay until 11/29/06, starting at 00 ($10,587).

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