SHOGO – Touch Screen Digital Picture

Fidelity Electronics, provider of personal electronics and consumer products, has introduced SHOGO – a touch screen, WiFi, digital picture frame. SHOGO SG 080 has a 1Giga internal memory that allows one to store as many as 25,000 digital photographs. Receiving, viewing, and broadcasting photos can be easily done via a built-in wireless Internet/WiFi connection. This also makes the SHOGO a truly user-friendly device, as it enables accessing Internet based digital content, such as the weather forecast, Internet radio stations, and more.

SHOGO does not require any additional software and is compatible to both PC and MAC. There are two 8″ models available –SG 080 and SG 081a. SG 081a is a white color SHOGO, with a 512M memory and WiFi connectivity. SG 080 is equipped with a TFT LCD display touch screen, 1G memory, battery back up, and WiFi connectivity.

One can share photos directly with other SHOGO users, with no need for a computer. In addition, it is possible to view photos from memory cards, USB flash drives, PCs, or the Internet. Pictures are displayed in 800 x 600 – 4:3 resolution, and are automatically adjusted to portrait or landscape mode using the auto rotate feature.

SHOGO is equipped with integrated stereo speakers, an audio jack, and a memory card reader. This digital frame also comes with an AC-DC adapter, Ethernet cable, and an RF remote control. In addition, it features frames (SHOGOSKINS) that can be changed to match a certain mood or one’s home decor. The 8″ SHOGO price tag is $199.

TFOT recently covered the world’s largest digital picture frame – the 32″ SP3200 developed by Smartparts, a pioneer in digital picture frame products.The SP3200, presented in the CES 2008, displays images and videos with audio tracks on its 16:9 widescreen LCD panel in a 1366×768 resolution. TFOT also covered Digital-Spectrum’s Memory Frame MF-8104 Premium – an updated model of a multi-function wireless digital picture frame that has a 10” TFT LCD screen with an 800×400 resolution. This device can be used for photo display, plays MP3 and WMA music files via internal stereo speakers for slide show accompaniment, and can even play MPEG-4 movies.

More information about SHOGO can be found on the company’s website.

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