Cable VS Streaming Live TV Services: Which One to Choose and Why?

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Choosing between cable or streaming live TV services is not as easy as it seems to be. There are a number of factors that you have to look for. While going through features and pricing, you may find it difficult to find the answers like what to choose, what suits you and how both of them are different. Either you can go for cable or satellite TV, or you can opt for streaming live TV services. Cable or satellite TV has been around for years and preferred by people. While Streaming Live TV Services has been popular after the improvements in internet technology, speed, and accessibility. 

What are the differences between Cable and Streaming Live TV Services and which one is right for you? We will discuss each one in detail but before that, we would like to give a brief overview of cable and streaming live TV services. 

What is Cable TV?

Cable TV brings forth television programs to end-users via radio frequency transferred through coaxial cables, fiber optics or light pulses. If you don’t want to cut the cable and compromise on what’s being shown to you, you can stick to it. 

What is Streaming Live TV?

Streaming Live TV works like a traditional TV with channel guides, DVR functions, and live channels. However, in order to watch your favorite shows and movies, you need to have a stable internet connection. 

Now you know the main difference between these two, let’s have a side by side comparison of Cable and Streaming Live TV Services. 

Cable VS Streaming Live TV Services

Pricing and Affordability 

If you opt for cable TV, you don’t need to worry about the added cost. Just pay what has been committed and you are good to go. Most of the Cable TV service providers charge a nominal price for the services they provide. However, you don’t have an option to customize your package. 

However, when talking about Streaming Live TV Services, you also need to have the internet to stream TV channels and shows. If you look through the pricing of different companies, you will find that the more you add, the more you need to pay. 

But you can’t ignore the added benefit offered to you by Streaming Live TV Services such as high definition videos, on-demand channels and pay per view. Moreover, you can also customize the package according to your affordability and need. 


Cable TV and streaming live TV are more likely the same in terms of accessibility. You can enjoy watching your favorite movies and shows on the app and other devices if an internet connection is available. Stream videos, watch favorite soaps or channels from your own device including a smartphone or tablet. All you need is a blazing fast internet connection to stream channels and shows without waiting for it to buffer. 

On-Demand TV Shows and Channels 

One of the biggest advantages of opting cable TV and streaming live TV services is that you can customize your options according to your requirements and pay for only what you want to watch.

For instance, Cox on Demand offers you plenty of options to enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows at your preferred time. Without leaving your comfortable couch or visiting the nearest DVD rental, you can enjoy high-quality movie streaming, sports, premiums, music, and much more on-demand. 

Bundle the Packages to Save More 

Whether it be cable TV or streaming live TV services there are plenty of ways to cut costs and add more to the services. For instance, Cox Cable TV gives plenty of options to help you stream more channels, add more accessibility and cut the price by opting for bundles. 

Bundle packages normally give options to the consumers to add-on other important features while minimizing the cost. It is better to compare side-by-side different packages in order to get maximum benefits at an affordable cost. 

Final Verdict 

After analyzing and comparing cable TV and streaming Live TV services, the decision is up to you. Have a look at your budget and your need to decide which one is better. In our opinion, Cable TV is a more viable option as it offers everything that a home needs such as an internet, TV, and telephone. 

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