3M Streaming Projector

3M Streaming Projector
3M recently released a new tiny portable projector that comes with a Roku’s tiny Streaming Stick which allows it to stream Netflix, Hulu Plus Amazon Instant, Pandora and many more channels wirelessly and project them anywhere you go. The unit is already available on pre-order at amazon.
If you ever wanted a tiny projector you can take anywhere with you and use to watch movies or any new or old TV series, 3M might have come with a solution for you. The 3M Streaming Projector is a tiny DLP projector with a dedicated place for connecting Roku’s tiny Streaming Stick (which actually comes along inside the package).
Roku’s Streaming Stick(which can also be purchased separately for about $100) uses MHL, a new display port technology that allows users to power the stick from the TV and send commands from the unit to the TV and back. This basically means that you will be able to navigate through Roku’s apps with your TV remote control.
Roku’s Streaming Stickuses Wi-Fi Direct to connect to other devices and stream content. It can for example allow a user to stream content from your 3G or LTE capable mobile device to the 3M Streaming Projector to play on a camping trip (as long as you have good 3G reception and a long enough battery on both your mobile device and your projector).
3M Streaming Projector has a DLP chip with 60 lumens of projecting power which can result in up to 120 inch of image. The resolutions not HD but still fairly respectable at 800 x 480 (WVGA or close to what you get when watching a DVD).
DLP projectors use a special optical semiconductor called a digital micro-mirror device (DMD). This chip, which was invented in 1987 by Texas Instruments, is a precise light switch that enables light to be modulated digitally via millions of microscopic mirrors. The mirrors are capable of switching on and off thousands of times per second and are used to create a picture comprised of millions of pixels.
There are more than 600 channels available for streaming including Netflix, Hulu Plus Amazon Instant, Pandora, MLB.TV, and hundreds of more as well as games and you can always use the dedicated android app to stream content from your mobile device straight to the projector.
More information on the 3M Streaming Projector can be found on 3M’s website. You can also pre order the new projector from amazon for about $300.
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